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FROM 1492 TO 1630. 



By blades, east & BLADES. 

February, 1903. 

List of the Society's Publications. 

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Subject to this condition purchase for presentation is also allowed, but the Council retains 
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r A f*"" extra, copies have been struck off of Mi. Reed's 

" Lisi of Books and Papers on Printets and 
PrinliDB" (rransactiam. Vol. 3), ind of Mr. 
Gray's William Pickering" {Transaclieas, Vol. 4). 
Price, in each case, is. 6d. Extra copies of indi- 
vidual papers have also been primed for presenia. 
lion to tbdr suthois, and, in the case of Mr. 
Ilyett'i " Rules for County Bibliographies," for 
gratuitous distribution. But neither these extra 
copes, nor the News Shuts — everything of interest 
in which is reprinted in the Transaetiens — are 
reckoned a* necessary to a complete set of the 
Society's Publications. 

First Series. 
[Sm. 4I0, Grey wrappers. Prinled iy 

£!ades, East &■ Slades.'] 
♦Transactions of the Bibliographical Society. 

Volume I. Ijmdon : Printed for the Sociely. 

1893. pp. 2Z4- 

Issued in iwo sections, each with a separate wrap- 
per and title p^e. The first, containing pp. 1-144, 
called " Parts I and II " ; the second, containing 
pp. [i45}-224, called "Part III {completiDg Vol. 
I.)" i'loi. bd. Price of Part III only, 31. 6rf.] 

•Transactions of the Biblic^raphical Society. 
Volume II. November, 1893 — December, 

1894. Lotidon: Prinled for the Biblingra- 
phical Society, by Blades^ East Sy Blades, 
September, 1895. pp. 231. 

Issued in two sections, each with a separate 
wrapper, and the lirst with a title page also. The 
first, containing pp. l-[92], called on the wrapper, 
"Transactions . . . Session 1B93-94, Volume II. 
Part I," and on the title page, " Transactions, 
Volume 11, Part I. Session 1893-94, " and dated 

(List t»ntmued on 

"December, 1894"; the seconi3, called on the 
wrapper, "Transactions November and Decem- 
ber, 1894. Volume II. Part II," and dated 
September, 1S95. ['iqi. 6rf.] 

Transactions of the Bibliographical Society. 
Volume III. January, 1895 — June, 1896,1 
London ; Printed, etc., November, iSgf 
pp. 237. 

Issued in two sections, each with a separat 
wrapper. The first, cootaining pp. 1-152, calli 
on the wrapper, " Transactions . . . January 1 
June, 1895. Volume 111. Part I,'' and dated 
"September, 1S95"; ths second containing pp. 
[iSjJ-*J7, called on the wrapper, "Transactions 
... Volume III. Part II. January, 1895— June, 
1896," and daled "November, 1896." [Part I, 
■js.; Part 11, 31. 6d.] 

Transactions of the Bibliographical Society. 

Volume IV. November, 1896 — June, 1898. 

London: Printed, etc., July, 189S. pp, 250. 

Issued in a single volume, with wrapper lettered 

as on title page. [icu. &/.] 

Transactions of the Bibliographical Sociel 
Volume V. November, 1898 — Ju 
London: Printed, etc. 

Issued in two sections, the first with a separati 
wrapper and title page reading, " Transactions 
Volume V. Part 1. November, 1898— June, 
1S99," and dated " December. 1899." [lor. &/.] 

[Temporary title.] Hand-Lists of English 
Printers, 1501-1556. Part I. Wynkyn de 
Worde, Julian Notary, R. & VV. Faques, John 
Skot. By E. Gordon Duff. London: 
Printed, etc., September, 1895. [41.] 
page J of wrapper.) 





of the City of London, is too well-known to need more than mention, vhile a 
third most valuable work is the Index to the Wills in the Court of the Chancellor 
of the University of Oxford, compiled by the Rev. John Griffiths. 

With such aids as these it has become possible to bring together a 
collection of abstracts from the wills of English stationers on a larger scale 
than has ever been attempted before. The bulk of those now presented to 
the reader in this volume deal with the stationers of London, and are to be 
found in the Registers of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and of the 
Commissary of London at Somerset House, only one being found in 
Dr. Sharpe's Calendar of the wills in the Court of Hustings. The Oxford 
stationers whose wills are noted in Mr. Griffiths' Index have been added as 
an Appendix. 

The reason why abstracts are given in preference to copies of the wills 
is, first of all, space. Even the shortest of these documents is framed in 
legal words, which become monotonous with constant repetition, and are of 
no value from the literary standpoint. Nor, from the point of view of interest, 
was anything to be gained by printing the wills as a whole. Not even the 
importance of the testator as a member of the Company of Stationers, and 
Still less the length of the will, is any guarantee that it will be of interest ; 
indeed, very often the reverse is the case. For instance, the will of John 
Sedley, stationer, covers seven closely written folio pages, but there is not a 
word of reference to his business, and the names met with in it have 
no bearing on the history of printing or bookselling. Again, in the will 
of Ralph Howell, stationer, who died in 1603, out of two pages, one and a 
half consists of an expression of his religious belief. No good end would 
have been served by printing these in full, while the bulk of the volume 
would have been greatly increased. 

The object kept in view in (his compilation has been to illustrate, as 
far as possible, the history of printing and bookselling, and the plan followed 
has been to give the date of the making of the will, the place of burial, the 
bequests, the names of the executors, overseers and witnesses, and the 
date upon which the will was proved. All names, both of persons and places, 


have been inserted as means of further reference. One never knows where in- 
formation may not be found, and even female names, as one or two instances 
I in this volume show, may be followed up with advantage. 
Not only do Ihe wills of Lucy Reynes, widow of John Reynes, of Joan 
frolfe, widow of Reginald Wolfe, and of Elizabeth Toye, widow of Robert 
5"oye, supplement the information given in the wills of their husbands, but the 
will of Joan Wolfe is a much more interesting and valuable record. 
The more important bequests, such as those left to the Stationers' 
Company, or which serve to throw light on the customs of the printing and 
bookselling trades, have been given in the words used by the testators. 
I The bulk of these wills are those of booksellers. Nor is this surprising. 

Pin the first place, the booksellers greatly outnumbered the printers. In the 
JKCond place, while in the early days of the art of printing, the printers were 
men of good social position, as witness the cases of Caxton, John Rastell, 
John Day, Richard Grafton, and Richard Tottell, the growth of the 
monopolies, and the fierce trade competition quickly altered this state of 
things, with the result that before the end of the sixteenth century we find a 
lai^er number of poor men, such as Andrew Hester, who left the little he had 
to his widow, or John Wayland, who left nothing but " desperate debts." In 
many cases they made no wills, administration of their eflects being granted 
to the next of kin. There is another reason that may account for the absence of 
wills of such important men as John Day, John Cawood, and Richard Grafton, 
They may have died elsewhere than in London, and their wills may be lying in 
some country registry. For instance, John Cawood, we know, was a native of 
Yorkshire, and it is quite possible that he may have returned there shortly 
before his death, and the same remark applies to Richard Grafton, who was 
a Shropshire man. 

Another subject for regret is the barrenness of these wills as regards 

L.details of the implements and stock-in-trade of these printers and booksellers. 

I This is due to the custom prevalent in the City of London, which ordained 
that its freemen who were married should divide their goods and chattels into 
Ihree parts, one of which was to go to the wife, the second to the children, 



while ihe third might be retained by the testator to dispose in legacies. Imple- 
ments, household goods and stock-in-trade, were of course goods and chattels, 
and accordingly the printers and booksellers were content to word their wills 
in that way, hence so few particulars are found concerning their presses, etc. 
The loss would not be so great if we had the inventories which were bound to 
be lodged in the Court of Orphans by the executors of the deceased, but none 
of these are in existence before 1666. It is rarely that we find a will of a 
London man so interesting in this respect as that of Thomas Vautrollier. 

No such custom prevailed outside London, and for this reason the wills 
of the country printers and booksellers are often most interesting, while the 
inventories attached to them furnish curious and valuable notes as to their 
Stock and implements. 

The chief points illustrated by these abstracts are (i) The close associa- 
tion of the printers and booksellers as a guild or brotherhood. Not only 
did they intermarry, and every printer's widow become a rich matrimonial 
prize that gave rise to keen rivalry, but they acted as executors, overseers and 
witnesses to each others' wills. {■£) The great wealth of the Stationers' 
Company, as shown by the bequests they received. (3) The light thrown on 
the biography of individual printers and booksellers, and the history of the book 
trade generally. Take for example the will of John Reynes, with its reference 
to the custom of the book trade, or that of Joan Wolfe with its topographical 
details of the tenants of St. Paul's Churchyard, and its reference to 
Holinshed's "Chronicle," or again, that of Thomas Vautrollier, which dispels 
once for all the romantic story of the apprentice who married his master's 
daughter, the truth being that the master had no daughter, and that the 
servant seized the opportunity of securing a good business before anyone else 
had a chance, by marrying his master's widow. These abstracts show us yet 
another way in which a printer or bookseller could get a start, viz., by the 
generosity of his master. Such an instance occurs in the case of Nicholas 
Bourne, to whom his master, Culhbert Burby, left his business on the most 
favourable terms, and also gave him the lease of the shop in the Royal 
Exchange, "in respect of his true and faithfull service." 


It is hardly necessary to point out how these wills help us in determining 
the period during which certain men were at work, but in r^ard to dates 
a word of warning is necessary. Down to the year 17 J J the legal year began 
on the 25th March and ended on the 24th March, so that a will proved on 
February 19th, 1520, would in reality date from February 19th, 1521. This 
overlapping of the civil and l^al dates is a fruitful source of error. 

A list of the less important wills, abstracts of which are not given, and of 
those which have already appeared in print, with references to the books 
where such wills are to be found, has been added as an appendix. 




BILL a.) - - 

BONHAM (W^) - 
DEXTER (R.) - 
FIELD (R.) . 
ILLYE (E.)- 
KELE (R.) - 
KEVALL (S.) " 
KITSON (A.) - 
NORTON (J.) - 
NORTON (W.) - 











PYNSON (R.) - 






REINALME (A. de) - 



REYNES (J.) - - - 



REYNES (L.), Wdow - 



RUE, or REWE (A.) - 



RUE, or REWE (J.) - 






TOYE (E.), Widow - 



TOYE (R.) - - . . 






WALEY, or WALLEY (J.) - 



WANSEFORD (G.) of York - 






WIGHT (J.) ... 



WOLFE (Joan), Widow 






WYNKYN (J. van) . 





JOHN RUE* [Baokse/lerl 

St Paul's Churchyard. 

Succeeded by A. Rue, or Ruwe. 

Dated 23rd December, 1492. Proved 15 th January, 1493. 

Testator described as of Frankfort. To be buried in Pardon churchyard. 

Bequest : To Andrew Rue, his brother. 

Executors: The Secretary to the German Merchants of the Hanseatic 
League and **magistrum [ ] impressorem librorum de West'." 

Witnesses : Gregory, curate of St. Faith's, Master John Petytt,* and Master 
Peter Martin. [P.CC. 9. Dogett:\ 

(i). This is one of the earliest wills of a London bookseller. Rue was evidently in busi- 
ness with his brother, whose will is also in this series. The omission of the names of the 
printer at Westminster may be accounted for by the death of Caxton in 1491, and Rue*s 
ignorance of his successor. Wynkyn de Worde*s name is not found in any book before 1493* 
In this, and other instances where the name of an executor is given in Latin, the nominative 
case is here substituted for the accusative. 

(2). See the will of Robert Toye in this volume, where mention is made of Master Petytt*s 
house in the churchyard. Ames inclined to the belief that Thomas Petytt, who flourished 
between 1 536-1 555, was a relative of Jean Petit, of Paris. 



Of Yofk. 

Dated October 3rd, 1510. Proved 24th October, 1510. 

Testator to be buried within the church of Sanct Margaret of Lenum Bishop, 
byfor the chapell of the Holy Trinite.' 

Bequests : " Rauf Polan of York, goldsmith," goods. " my broder Frederik 
Wanseford," goods. " Richard Watterson of London, xl j., to the which Richard 
Mr. Wynkyn de Word can inform yow." " M' Wynkyn jXs. which I howght 
hym." residue to executors, brother " Frederick Wansefoid of Yowrk, Rauff 
Polan of York, and Mr Meyner Weywik of London." 

Witness : " Mr John Whytyng, Master of the collie of Lenum [Lynn], 
Sir Thomas Spicer, prest, and Luttkyn Smyth, the which Luttkyn I make 
supervisor." [i?. Davies. Memoir of the York Press. Appendix A."] 

(i). Davies explains this as referring to the Guild of the Holy Trinity at King's Lynn, 
Norfolk, where the testator died. 

ANDREW RUWE, or RUE* ["Stei^wwnW"]. 

St Paul's Churchyard. 

Dated loth October, 1517. Proved 24th November, 1517. 

Testator to be buried in Pardon churchyard. 

Bequests : To Katherine Ruwe of Frankfort on the Maine, sister ; Joanne 
Ruwe, wife ; Katherine Ruwe, daughter. ^^Item lego presbitero meo Thomas 
Wallis prochiali sancte fidis, sermonum librum dormi secure ligatu, similitr 
domino David Owen eiusd.ecdie, sermones quintini ligatos." 

Executors : Simon Coston, notary public, John Renys,* Judocus Peregrim.' 

Witnesses : Thomas Wallis, David Owen. 

[^Comm. of London. IJ4, Bennett'] 
( I ). Brother of John Rue. 

(2), (3). These seem to be intended for John Reynes and Jndocus Pelgrim. If so, it is 
the earliest mention of the first 



RICHARD PYNSON (i493-iS3o), 
Without Temple Bar, 1493-1501. Sign of St. George, next to St. Dunstan's 
Church, 1501-1530. 
Succeeded by R. Redman. 
Dated isth November, 1529. Proved i8th February, 1523*0- 
Testator to be buried in the churchyard of St. Clement's without Temple Bar. 
Owned profwrty in Chancery Lane and Tottenham (co. Middx.). 
Bequests : John Snowe and Richard Withers " shall serve their yeares at 
the assignment of ray executrix. And at thende of their said yeres my said 
executrix to make them free of my craft. And the said John Snowe to have 
for his part 6s Sd And the said Richard Wythers to have for his part 401, 
paid to theym by thandes of myn executrix, yf the said John and Richard 
doo serve their yeres as true apprentices ought to doo." "Joane Pynson,' 
daughter of Richard Pynson, "late decessed," roli, with reversions to Amye 
and Joane Campyon, daughters of William Campionj' Margaret Warde, 
formerly Campion, daughter and execatrix. 
Overseer : Robert Chidley, gentleman. 

Witnesses : Matthew Saunders, curate of St. Dunstan's, Christopher Chillome, 
Richard Dawson. [I'.C.C. 15. Jankyn:\ 

(l). In (he records of the City of London (Repertory 9, p. 387) she received permission 
i;th April, 28 Henry VIII. The Richard I^ns 

a son of the 

(»). There were several Campions 

' lale decessed " was doubt- 
1 (he reign of Henry VIII. 

WYNANDUS DE WORDE' (i493-i534), 

(Jan van Wvnkyn), 

In Culon'i house, 1493-1500. " Sun," in Fleet Street, 1500-1534. 

Succeeded by John Byddell and James Gaver. 

Dated 5th June, 1534. Proved iqth January, 153a. 

Testator to be buried in the church of St. Bride, Fleet Street, before the altar 

of St. Katherine. 


Bequests to Agnes Tidder, widow, and John Lynen, three pounds apiece ; 
Robert Darby, " my servant the value of three poundes sterling in printed 
books"; Robert Maas, "my servant, the value of xlj. sterling in books"; 
John Barbanson, "my servant the value of •/Xs. sterling in printed books"; 
Hectour, "my servant v. marks sterling in books;" Simon, "my servant 
the value of xxj. in books." John Wislyn "my servant the value of 
XXI. in books." "To Nowell' the bokebinder in shoo lane the value 
of xxj. sterling in books." Hercules Diricke, " pouchmaker's sonne tenne 
poundes." "To every of myn apprentices three f>oundes sterling apece in 
printed books." John Butler "late my servant, as many printed books as 
shall amounte to the value of vi '' sterling." James Gaver, " late my servant, 
for his labour in executing of this my present testament and last will, as 
many printed books as shall amounte to the some of twenty marks sterhng." 
'I remitte and forgive John BediU citizen & stacioner of London late my 
servante for his labour in executing the same my said testament and last 
will, all such monney and dettes as he owith me, which James Gaver and John 
Bedill I make myne executours of this my present testament & last will" 
" And of th[e]ouersight and execution of this my present testament and last 
will I make and ordeyne Henry PepwelP John Gowgh' and Robert Copland' 
Stacioners / and I bequeathe to the same Henry for his labour as many 
printed bookes as shall amount to the value of foure poundes sterling,/ And 
I remytte and forgive vnto the said John Gowgh for his labour all suche 
monney and debtes as he owith me and besides that I geve and bequeathe 
vnto him as manny printed bookes as shall amounte to the value of foure 
poundes sterling / And I bequeathe to the said Robert Copland for his 
labour as manny printed bookes as shall amounte to the value of tenne 
markes sterling." 

Witnesses: Humphry Town curat; John Studd, Thomas Cooke, John 
Toumer. \P.C.C. 22. Ifogen.] 

(I). Jan van Wyrkyn must have been of great age at the lime of his death. This may 
sccounl for the absence of any mentiDn of wife, soa$, or any relatives, though it is known 
that a William Wynkyn applied to the Court of Common Council in the very year of 
De Woide's death, for admission as a freeman into the Company of Stationeis. 


(i). See also the will of Edwaid Vile in this volume. 
(3). Living al the " Holy Trinity " in St. Paul's Churchyard, 
(4). Living Bt the " Meimaid," next Paul's Gsle. 

(5). Living at the " Rose Garland " in Fleet Street. This printer did a great deal of 
editorial worlc for Jan van Wynkya, and published at least one book in partnei^ip with him. 

JOHN RASTELL (1516-1536). 

South side of Paul's. Before the South door of Paul's. " Mermaid" at 
Paul's Gate next to Cheapside (1510-1536). 

Dated aolh April, 1536. Proved izth October, 1536- 

Bequests to Wife Elizabeth,' "my house in St. Martyns,' with my presse, 
notes and ires comprised in the same." Son John for the satisfaction of his 
grandames bequest ;^io. Daughter Jone, for the satisfaction of her aunts 
bequest ^5. Son William,^ 40 shillings. " Maister Crumwell' for his good 
counsell to be had after dethe to be paied as it may be received of the sale of 
my bookis, v. marks," "My Lord Chancellor' for bis lawfull favor, spedy 
iustice in my sutis that shalbe before hym to be paied of the saie of ray said 
books xIj." Thomas Wilson, "my servant over and besides his wages 
lyvery and horde after my deceas assone as my concordaunce and the table 
thereof is fynisbed and fayre written of hym to be printed, xxj."^ Katerine, 
" my servant," vjj. viiji/. Residue to executors. " And because I am moste 
in daunger to the kings grace by bondes and oders of his comyn lawe I make 
his grace and my poore neighbour Rauf Cressey myn executours not because 
he is able to matche w' bis moste noble grace but because he knoweth many 
secretts of my mind whicbe be necessary for his grace to knowe, besechyng 
his grace to considre what I have had of his grace, and what iuste and true 
service I have don unto hym bothe in worde, dede, and thought / and if any 
man have reaported to his grace the contrary, I take it on my deathe it is 
vntruely reaported." " Also if it pleas the kingis grace not to medle, but to 
shewe his charitie and iiicye vpon me, then 1 will that the residue of all my 
goodis and detts shall goo to Rauf Cressey my sole executor & to Elizabeth 
my poore wyf to be deuyded equally among them, bicaus the said Rauf 


Cressey sha.U take the pa.yne to gather my detts and prosecute my lawfull sutes 

and to keep my said servant as is aforesaid vnto the said concordaunce bee 

fayre written and the table to print, and also to print the said concordaunce 

and table to the pformaunce of this my last wUl." 

Overseer : Sir Francis Bigot. 

Witnesses : John Gonghe, Johane Smythe, Jaraes Spencer, and John Turner. 

Probate : Ralf Cressey renounced probate, which was thereupon granted to 

Elizabeth, the widow, on the lath October, 1536. 

\P.C.C, 3. Crumwtli.] 

(i). The sister of Sir Thomas More. 

(a). The " Mermaid," in Cheapside, " ncul Pauls Gate," was in Ihc parish of St. Martin 
le Grand. Fait of the premises were occupied by John Gough, bookseller, 

(3). William Rastell was bom about 150S. After practisitig as a. printer for some years 
he was admitted a student of Lincoln's Inn in 1532, and gradually lose in his profession 
until, in 1555, he was made a Justice of the Queen's Bench, He died in Louvain on 
ayth Aufiusi, 1565. 

(4). Thomas Cromwell, made Chancellor of the Exchequer I J33 ; Master of the Rolli 
1534; Vicar-General 1535; Earl of Essex 1540, and beheaded the same year. 

(5). Sir Thomas Audley, 

(6). It is not clear what work is referred to in this statement, and nothing with such a 
title can be traced. 


TheGeo^e, St. Paul's Churchyard (1517 ?-lS44-t 
Succeeded by Lucy Reynes, widow (g.v.). 

Dated 8th April, 33 Henry VIH (1542). Proved 26th February, 1544. 
Testator to be buried in Pardon churchyard. 

BEQtJESTS : To Thomas Holwarde "a hundreth shillings in bokes." Jamys 
" my dutchman, twenty shillings in money." Edward Wright " ten poundes 
in bokes." Edward Sutton "a hundreth shillings in bokes." Robert Holder' 
"ten poundes in bokes," "And they two Thomas Holwarde and Edward 
Sutton' whan they have laid out all their parts to the value of v" a pece after 


the price as Arnold and John Bryckman' doe sell them to London to the 
booksellers also hy equall porcyon. So that they also take parte of all sortes 
out of my store chambers immedyatty as they shall come oute of theyr tyme 
and have servyd theyr mistres truely oute their tyme and she to make them 
free men of the City of London upon theyr coste. Item. Edward Wryght 
and Rober \sic\ Holder I wyll that they two shall helpe their Mistress two 
yeres long after my departing, and they to helpe her to pay my creditors and 
to gather in my debts that other men doo owe me, because they knowe best 
myn handelyng and for to helpe her for to sell her bokes that I shall leve her 
after that myn legacye shalbe payd of the sayd bokes. Also I wyll that 
Edward Wryght and Rober [«V] Holder shall have the sayd two yeres that 
they two shall serve . . . eche of theym the same wages as I did gyve and 
have promised Edward syns he came oute of his tyme, besides their legacy. 
And yf Edward Wryght and Robert Holder be disposed for to bye my stock 
by days, with all my insttumentes, and all that belongeth to my science' . . , 
that then they shall have the preminence afore any other man. And the 
money that shall com of my bokes, I wyll that thone parte shalbe distributed 
to the poor householders of Saint Faythes. And that other parte to my 
executnce lucy my wif . . . To my brethern the Stacyoners that they shall 
com to my buryall and to the masse, for to make them a brekfast, twenty 

Executrix : Luce Raynes. 
Overseers : Thomas Dockrey' and John Lewes, both notaryes. 

IP.C.C. 23. I^nning.'] 

(!)■ Robert Holder became one of the Assistants 0/ the Company of Stationers upon 
its i □corporation. 

(z), Edward Sutton afterwards cittied on business aX the Cradle, in Lombard Street. 

(3), Arnold and John Bryckman, the celebrated booksellers of Antwerp, Paris, and 
London. In a subsidy made in the 3rd Edward VI, Arnold Bryckman was assessed in 
St- Faith's parish at i£loo, and a. John Bryckman is entered as a " straunger" dwelling with 
Andrew Hester, and was assessed at ^£30. 

). This may refer to his trade as a bookbinder. 
). The first Mister of the Stationers' Company. 


Dated 25th March, 1545. Proved zoth April, 1545. 
Testator to be buried " in pauHschurcheyarde righte before the crosse 
Bequests : " I will that Maister Thomas Bartelett, to be my full e 
and I will that he shall receave suche debtea as be owing to me and also he 
to pay the debtes likewise that I doo owe untill the lime that a certayne 
bargaynne be full ended and payed as ys comprehendyd in a payre of 
indentures. And that fynysshed and doon ... he shall have for his paynes 
taking iii'' sis. svixd!' "unto my brother John my bestgowne." [unto] "my 
brother Thomas my secunde gowne." "unto my mystres Raynes viijj." 
"Robert Holder' vji. v\\)d" "Edward Sutton' vx." "Company of Stationers 
towards their charge xxj." "Gyles Lauret bynder jijj. Hiji^." "Nowell 
bynder' \\\s. \\\)d." "John Lewes and his wyf xiijj, mid." "Sir Thomas 
Ebbe, curate of sainte ffaithes \\}s. iiijrf." "Richard Richardson vj/. riijrf," 
"John Cawood' my black jacket." "John Cawood's wyf, two sawcers, a 
dysshe, a litle potte of pewtree [pewter]." "John Nowseley dwelling in 
Lumberte streaie, my hole harnyse." 

Overseers : William Bonham {q.v.) and Henry Tabe (?.w.) "and for theyre 
paynes taking in yt, vjj. viijrf. a peece." 
Witnesses : Syr Thomas Ebbe curate, and John Cawoode. 

\_Commissary of London, Story 14?.'] 

(i). No statidnei of this Dame appears In be known. From the bequests left to certain 
bookbiaders, he was perhaps a bookbinder in the employ of LuCf Reynes. 

(2) and (3). See ihe wills of John and Lucy Reynes in this series. 

(4). Lived in Shoe Lane : See tbe will of W. de Worde in this series. 

(S). Formerly apprenticed 10 John Reynes. Warden of tbe Company of Stationers 
1554 »Dd 1555-7- Died April ist, 157a. 

LUCY RAYNES, or REYNES, Widow (1544-1548). 
George, St. Paul's Churchyard. 
Dated 28th April, 1548. Proved asth October, 1549. 
Testator to be buried " in the litle churchyarde nighe pawles in London nigh 
unto the Chapell dore." 


Beqdests: To Hybbylthwaites "cosyn," goods and xIj. Laundesdale 
"cosyn." William Lewes "cosyn" vij. viiia^ Lucy Greston "goddaughter" 
vij. vmd. John Chambre xj. Nicholas Dixon, " sometyme my servant," 
vij. viiirf. John Cawood's' child, "god-daughter" v\s. viiirf. Robert 
Holder and Edward Sutton,' " late my servants," xxi. a piece. Robert 
Knight of Bromley, xxj, Oliver Knight "godson" an "angelot in gold." 
Thomas Argall, goods and ■As. Robert Johnson, one of the proctors 
of the Arches, goods. Peter Johnson, " godson, an angelot of gold." 
Arthur Johnson, vij. Vmi. John Lewes "cosyn" one of the proctors 
of the Arches, goods. Joanne Lewes, "cosyn," goods. Fraunces Lewes, 
god-daughter, "an angelot of gold." Doctor Cooke. Mistress Assheley. 
Mistress Talkam. Mistress Kydd. Faith Sutton, vij. viiiif. 
Executors : Robert Johnson and John Lewes. 
Overseer : Thomas Argall. 

Witnesses: Roger Hunt, Robert Warmington, John Goodman, John Chamber. 
{P.C.C. 40. PopulweU:\ 
There is a list of minor bequests placed just before the probate. 
Mention is made of " Reyner WooIPs child," 

(i). A3 John Cawood, the eminsnt stationei, 15 several times mentioned in this 
volume, and no will of his has been found, the following brief note of his ca-x^rx ma; be 
UiefuL He came of a Varkshire family, was born in 1514, and apprenticed to John Reynes. 
He was Warden of the Company in the years 1554, 155S-7, and was Master in 1561, 1562, 
and 1566. Cawood was printer to Queen Mary, and in Elizabeth's reign was joined with 
Richard Ju^e in the patent. He died April ist, 1572. By his first wife he had three sons 
tnd four daughters. Two of his sons, John and Edmund, died in 1570, aijd the third, 
Gabriell, succeeded to the business. His daughter, Mary, married George Bishop, printer 
(j.u.). Isabel married T, Woodcock, statiotiei ; Susannah married Robert Bullock, and 
Barbara married Marlt Norton. 

(»). See will of John Reynes, p. 6. 

RICHARD KEALE, or KELE (is46?-iS52?)- 
The Long Shop in the Poultry. 
Dated loth September, 1552. Proved 19th October, 1552. 
Testator to be buried in the parish church of St. Mary Wolchurch, " where I 
now dwell." 


Bequests: One balf of ha cttue to his children WSliam, Margaiet and 

Judith. John Kde' " inj brotber, loue of the Long Sboppe in the Poultry 

under St. Uildred'i Church vzll . . . and twenty potindes votth of ware 

\it., books] ... at the comyng oute of his Apprentiship." Richard 

Kele* "my uncle fortie shillings." Richard Lant' "fourtie shillings" etc. 

Mark Norton grocer, "fourtie shillinges." John Hunt, "fourtie shillings," 

John Aldcy' "myne apprentice fyve pounds in wares." Richard Adam,* 

Thonvas Cole, William Richardson, Edmund Hawley, apprentices, "fourtie 

■hillings apiece in "ware." "To the mastera of my company \i.e., the 

Stationers] fourtie shillinges." To the poor of London, forty shillings a 

year for five years. To prisoners in the King's Bench, Marshalsea, the 

Hyte \i-e., Fleet], Ludgate, Newgate and the two compters Bredstrete and 

the pultrey four pounds, thirteen shillings and fourpence to be divided 

equally. John Astill or Asleli, ten pounds on condition of his taking 

possession of certain lands and messuages lately purchased by the testator of 

William Fraunce and to convey the same to his executors. [Situation of 

properly not staled]. Robert Fryer to have the tuition of Judith. John 

Tull to have the tuition of William. Robert Toye to have the tuition of 


ExBCUTOR.^ : Children William, Margaret and Judith. 

Ovv^KHUBHS ; Robert Toye, stationer', John Tulle, draper, Robert Fryer and 

John Wcthcrell, goldsmiths, 

Witnrhiiks: John Keyll, goldsmith, Thomas Aleyn, pewterer. 

Codicil: To Symond Ludford his phisicQn, fourtie shillings. To Thomas 

Bolt, grocer, thirty shillings, llim, I wyll that Mr. Toye shall make free 

ThomM Mylex his ycres being exspired. 

WiTHEBsna : John Alday his lervant, John Wetheryll, goldsmith, Robt. ftyer, 

guldimilh, J. lull, draper. 

rrobaio ttraiilcd iglh October, 155*, to Robert Toye, etc, and afterwards in 

1564 lo the children, 


(i). John Kele'B name U found in the Charter granted \a 1555.— Arbei's 
Vol. I. p. xiiiii. 

(2). Richard Lant's name is also found there. Ibid. 

(,}). Made free in January, 1555, Arber's Trans., Vol. I, p. 33. 

(4). Made free Ijeiweeo lolh July, i5s8-ioth July, 1559. Ibid., Vol. I, p. 98. 

(5). See his will in this series. 

Sign : Lucretia Romana, Fleet Street. 
Succeeded bj his nephew Thomas Powell. 

Dated a4th September, 1555. Proved 9th November, 1555. 
Testator to be buried in St. Bride's, Fleet Street, in the Lady Chapel. 
Bequests : To Edward Barihelett " my son and heir," manor of Hilhampton 
alias Ilhampton and lands in Mardon, co. Hereford ; messuages in St. Bride's 
Fleet Street, Bishopsgate Street, and the parish of St. Margarets in Friday 
Street, amounting to a third of his lands, Anthony Barthelett " my younger 
son," messuages in Distaff Lane, Friday Street, Bread Street, St. Sepulchre's 
and land in the parish of St. Andrew, Holborn, with reversion to Thomas 
Powell,' nephew. Margaret, "wife," messuages in St, Andrews, Holborn and 
St. Sepulchres', " and the house with the ways, walks, etc., which I reserve for 
my own use in Crokhorne Alley in the said parish of St. Andrew's, Holborn," 
with reversion to sons, Goods to be divided into three parts according to the 
custom of the City of London, one to his wife, another to his two sons, and 
the third to pay funeral expenses and the foiiowing legacies, Thomas 
Powell "my nephew" 20" in goods. PrudenceSkynner "my goddaughter" xxj. 
Martha Salvoine " my goddaughter" xxj. other god children not mentioned 
by name vjj. viiirf. each. Christ's Hospital loH. St. Bride's Church aoj. 
Alice Cowper wife's sister 4li. to each of his apprentices 4li in money 
or moneys worth. Residue of goods to wife Margery, executrix, to whom 
the care of Anthony until his coming of age. 

Trustees : John Abingtone gentleman. Clerk of the Queens wood yard and 
John Wekes citizen and goldsmith. 


Witnesses : Richard Heywood,' Edward Rit^e, John Hulsone. 

IP.C.C. SS- More.'] 
In connection with this will the two following extracts from the records of the 
City of London are interesting ; — 

lllh February 2 and 3 Ph. and Mary, [ ] Richard GraTton gTocer, 

William Calton paynler stayner, William Dane, iremonger and Richard Payne gent, entered 
into recognimnces to ihc vbIue of jooli, to secure the payment of 279]! ioj. fid. lo Ihe 
orphans of Thomas Berthelet slalioner deceased, Payne lo bring in 100 li before Midsummer 
and become a freeman of the city. [Refcrisry ij.] 

A deed by which Richard Payne and Margery his wife formerly the wife of ThoniM 
Berthelet, grant cectain property left by Thomas Beribelel, to John Payne and Rich«rd 
Heywird. [Husling! Rail, ajt. Nos. 10, //.] 

(0- The business in Fleet SIreel passed into the hands of Thomas PowelL 

(?}. Perhaps the same with the Richard Heyward referred to in the note below. 

ROBERT TOYE (1542-1556). 
" The Bell," St. Paul's Churchyard. 
Succeeded by Elizabeth Toye, widow. 

Dated 5th February, 155S; Proved, 4th March, 155^. 
Testator to be buried in St. Faith's. 
Bequests: To Elizabeth' "my wife" ... all that my messuage or tene- 
ment wherein I now dwell, and my shoppe withe the signe of the bell nexle 
adioininge to Master Petitts house," with reversion to Humphrey Toye' "my 
Bonne." Rose "my daughter" houses in paternoster Row and St. Paul's 
Churchyard. " Item. I wylle that the said Elizabeth my wife shall have 
and hold my house withe appurtenances wherein Richard lugge now 
inhabiteth." " All such interest ... as I have of and in two shoppes under 
one route nowe being in the several tenures of John Cawood and John King 
sett and beinge in Pawles churchyarde " to daughter Rose. " lo my sister 
Cawverley fortie shillings." " my mother fortie shillings. " to the poor of 
Mortilmas Cliberie [? Mortimer Cleobury Salop]' fourtie shillings which I 
will shall be distributed amongst them by the discretion of my brother Sir 
Edward viccar there." "Thomas Hind late servant to the Dowches of 



Rtchmont fower pounds." Edmund Scampion " my brother " remission of 
debt. " To everie one of my apprentices being in my service with me at the 
tyme of my decease fortie shillings so that they well and truelye serve my 
executrix duringe the terme of their apprentice[ship]." " To the cumpanie of 
Stacioners fortie shillings." " My minde and will is that all my bookes and 
other goodes shalbe praifed by John Cawood, Richard lugge, lohn Waley 
and Anthonie Smithe. And to thenlente that they shall take paines to peruse 
and over looke my bookes particularlie and to praise them indifferentlie as 
they are in valewe, I give unto everie of them for their paines therein taking 
fortie shillings, And I will that my executrix shall finde them meate and 
drinke during all the time that they shall take paines aboute the saide praise- 
mente," Residue divided amongst wife and children. 
Executrix : Elizabeth Toye " my wife." 

Overseers ; Humphrey Toye " my brother," and Thomas Woddall " my 
brother in lawe." 

Witnesses : Reinotde Woolf, John Cawood, John Waley, Anthonie Bonde. 

[P.C.C. 41. More.] 

(i). See her will in ihis volume. 

(z). Took up his freedom, iith March 1558. Arber. Vol.1, p. 71. 

(3), This looks as if he were a Shropshire man. 

WILLIAM BONHAM {1542-1557). 

The King's Arms, St. Paul's Churchyard. The Red Lion, St. Paul's Churchyard. 

Succeeded by William NortoD. 

Dated July 4th, 1557- Proved z7th September, 1557. 
Testator to be buried in the parish church of All Saints, Colchester. 
Bequests : To Margery "wife" his lands at Cliff in Kent, and after her death 
to Joane or Johane daughter, wife of William Norton ' of London, stationer. 
John, son, five pounds. Alice, daughter, wife of Richard Savage of London, 
grocer, lands and tenements in the parish of St. Olave's (?) London. John, 


son, vi'' out of the said lands, and a further bequest of v'' out of the same 
lands. Failing heirs the property left to his two daughters, to go to Benjamin, 
Brother. All his plate to be equally divided amongst his sons and daughters. 
To his wife's daughter Philhppe Colman £j\^ 6i. 8^, out of the money that 
William Norton, "payeth me yearly." To his son John xxl. from the same 
fund, this and all other legacies to John to cease should he attempt to 
dispute the wilt. To his wife's son Robert Mayatt ^5. To his son in law 
Richard Savage, a bed etc. To his wife Marjery all the rest of his household 
goods. To the poor of Colchester liiii. iiiirf. Residue of his goods to his 

Executrix : Wife Marjery. 

Witnesses : Edward Freburne of London, haberdasher, Robert Glamvyle 
of Colchester, surgeon, Thomas Lathbroke and others. 

\_P.C.C. 35. fVrast/ey.-j 
(1). See his will in Ihia Tolume. They had an only son, Bonham Norton, who became 
a wealthy member of the Slalioneis' Company. 

EDWARD WHITCHURCH {Ciihen and Haberdasher) (1538-1562). 
Partner with R. Grafton in the Greyfriais, 
Alone. The Sun, over against the Conduit, Fleet Street. 
Dated asth November, 1562 ; Proved 3rd December, 1562. 
Place of burial not stated. 

Bkquesis : To Margaret " my well beloved wife," ' her interest in Kirkstall 
Abbey (co. Yorks,) and leases in Caraberwell (co. Midd.). Edward "my 
Sonne, my sealing ring to be delivered at his age of xxj yeres." (also his 
rightful share of the estate). Thomas Cranmer " my sonne." (? stepson) 
"one ringe of golde." Helen Harryson "my daughter," portion of one 
hundred marks. Margaret Norton, " my daughter " a ring. Elizabeth " my 
daughter shalbe allowed her portion as the rest of my children are." " wife's 
daughter " not named. " my sister Moning " one ring. " Fraunces my 


daughter's son," a piece of plate, Edward Scott " my friend, v marks of the 

XX nobles he oweth me." Thomas Broke the elder, remission of debt, "one 

Henly of Kent," a creditor. 

Executors : " Margaret my well beloved wife, and my sonnes (in law) Basele 

Johnson, Thomas Norton' and Luke Harryson." 

Overseer : " my trustie and iovinge frende Anthony Gammage," 

Witnesses ; Edward Scott, Richard Ode, Thomas Norton, Basil! Johnson, 

Jerom Hutchinson. IP.C.C. 31. Streal.'] 

(i). " Whitchurch married after 1556, the widow cif Archbishop Cranmer, she was 
Mai^ret, niece of Oriander, pastor of Nuremburg. She survived Whitchurch, and married 
on the aglh November, i564,athird husliaiid, Barlholomew Scott, of Camberwell, justice of 
tb« Peace for Surrey." — Narratives ef tkt RefarauUioa. Camd. Sac., p. t44. 

(2). The author of "Gorbaduc" and counsel for the Company of Starioners, son in 
law of the testator. Tbe reference 10 " wife's daughter," as distinct from "my daughter" is 
somewhat puzzling, but as the testator goes on to point out that be has made a good 
marriage for her, he was probably referring to Margaret, the wife of Thomas Norton. 

ELIZABETH TOYE, Widow of ROBERT TOYE (?,w.) (1556-1565) 
" The Bell," St. Paul's Churchyard. 
Dated 12th March, is6J. Proved 6th July, 1565, 
Testator to be buried in St. Faiths. 

Bequests : To Elizabeth Toye and Johanne Toye the children of Humphrie 
Toye " my sonne," a piece of plate. Humphrey Toye, " late husbands eldest 
brother," a ring. Johanne Doolman, "sister," a ring. George Busshope,' 
"my servante five poundes." Erasmus Awdeley' "myne apprentice fortie 
shillings." Arthur Pepwell,' "sonne in law," a black gown. Humfrie Pepwell,' 
a piece of plate. Robarte, "the son of Humfrie Toye of Carmarthen," 
piece of plate, Johanna TaiUour " my sister Caveriy's maid." Helleyne 
Wyatte, five pounds, " Unto the compaignie and felowshipp of the mistorie 
of Stacioners in London, ffoure poundes for and towardes the maintenaunce 
of their halle." Mr. John Lewes, procurator of the Court of Arches, "an 


aungell of golde." "little Maigaret Walker," various household articles "in 

the little chamber over John Cawoodes shoope, next to Fawles gate." Residue 

to Humphrey Toye " my sonne." 

Overseers : Brother Thomas Woodall and John Cawood. 

Witnesses : Richard lugge, John Cooke, Thomas Bedford, serjeant, Anthony 

Bande, scrivenor. \P.C.C, 24. Morrison.'\ 

(l). Admitted freeman l6th April, 1562. Was one of the deputies to Christopher 
Baiter. Master of the Company six limes, i.e. in 1590, 1593, 1593. l^oOi 1*>2, 1608. 
Died in 1610. See his will in this volume. 

{2). Doubtless a relative of John Awdeley stationer. He docs Dot appear lo have 
taken up hb freedom. 

(3). See his will in this volume. Was no doubt one of the sons of Harry or Henry 
Fepwell of the Trinity in St. Paul's Churehyatd. 

(4]. Perhaps one of the sons of Arthur Pepwell (f.c). 

ARTHUR PEPWELL' (? 1566-1568). 
[7 Sign of the Holy Trinity, St. Paul's Churchyard]. 
Dated 17th August, 1568. Proved ijth January, 156^. 
Bequests : To Johane, " my wife," a third part of goods. Henry and 
Humphrie, sons, a third part of goods, " and if the survivor of my said sonnes 
do happen to departe this present life, before he accomplishe the said age of 
sxi yeres, then I will that one hundredth pounds of lawful! englisshe money 
of the porcSns of my said sonnes shalbe delivered unto the company of 
Stacioners of London with them to remayne for ever and to be lent oute from 
ij yeres to ij years for ever to fyve suche persons being younge men of the same 
companye as shall have most nede of the occupieng thereof from tyme to tyme, 
the same fyve young men to have every one of them an equal parte of the same 
and every one of them to put in sufficient sureties for the repayment of his 
part at every two yeres ende then to be lent to other of the said company that 
that shall have more nede of the same, and every of them paieng for the 
occupieng thereof tenne shillings a pece yerelie and no more, which 




amountetb to the some of fifty shillings yeralie, which fiftie shiUings 
shalbe paied and distributed yerelie to the pore of the said company for 
ever." A further third part of his goods he allotted to the following : — "Poore 
of St. Faiths fortie shillings to be distributed in bread, which fortie shillings 
I will shalbe of the rents and protfitts of my tenements in paternoster 
row." Maister Bedell the preacher xxvj s. viij d. for two sermons. 
Julian Stevenson "my suster" six pounds. Leonard Chambers "wife's 
brother," student in Trinity Coll. Cambridge, four pounds. Mary Robottom,' 
" my cosen " four pounds. William Chambers, " father in law," ' remission of 
debt, "my mother in law his wife," a black cassock, "aunt Adams," 
" sister Newman," "aunt Turner," and " aunt Raynes," to each a black cassock. 
William Browne "my apprentice," xj., "and I will that the said William Browne 
shalbe clerelie discharged and made free firom the two last yetes of his 

ExKctiTRix ; wife Johane to whom the testator devised the residue of his 


Overseers : Reginall Wolfe ; Humphrey Toye ; William Norton ; Gabnell 


Witnesses : Gabriell Newman and Richard Collins, servants to Andrew 

Palmer, scrivenor. \P.C.C. i. Sheffieid.] 

I. This stationer b entered in the Registers as taking up his freedom on the 19th 
August, 1556, and again on the 8th March, 1557. As Mr. Arber points out, this must be a 
mistake, as he presented William Taylor as an apprentice on the 6th May, 1557. [Arber'E 
Traiucripl, Vol. I, pp. 35, 37, 43]. Arthur Pepwell was a very disorderly member of the 
Company, being repeatedly fined for keeping his shop open on Sundays, and giving the 
officers " unsemely wordes. " 

(a). Was this a relative of James Rowbotham? Under the Fines for 1562-3, Pepwell is 
found entered for two shillings " for that he ded kepe an apprentice which was Robothums." 

(3). Elizabeth Toye in her will (?.?/.) mentions Arthur Pepwell as her "son in law." 
The explanation is perhaps that his first wife, the daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Toye, 
was dead. This is strengthened by the absence of any mention of a daughter in Eliiabeth 
Toye's will. This would also account for Humphrey Toye being nominated one of the 

STEPHEN KEVALL" (? 1555-1570). 

Succeeded hj hU widow, Jane Kevall. 
Dated aSth October, 1570; Proved ao April, 1571. 

Bequests : " I geve and bequeath and my will is that my house or tene- 
ment with th appurtenances which of late I have bought of one William Kelley 
citizen and butcher of London as appereth by certen writings thereof made, 
standinge and beinge nere the tenement that I nowe dwell in after the decease 
of my wife Jane Kevall shallbe given and distributed vnto the pwore. That 
ys to say the one halfe and the profits thereof vnto the poore of the said 
parish of St. Mary at Hill for ever, and the other half of the said tenement 
and the profitt thereof vnto the poore of my Company the Stacyoners of 
London for ever. But if it should fortune that my said wyfe Jane Kevall 
should have need and necessity before her decease That then in such case I 
will that the said Jane my wyfe shall and may sell all the said house or tene- 
ment with the appurtenances at her pleasure for his owne mayntenaunce and 
behoofe." "Vnto my said companie of Stacyoners of London towards a 
recreation," kx s. In the event of wife marrying again, but not otherwise, 
certain legacies were to be paid, amongst which were Margaret Kevall, sister- 
George Kevall, notary. 
Executrix : wife Jane. 
Overseers : George Kevall and Hugh Woodcock. 

Witnesses : Richard Saunderson vintner and Hubard Sevyon notary. 

[P.C.C. I?. Ifolney.] 
(1). Master of Lhe Company of Stationers, 1560,1565. Except in his official capacity, 
his name never occurs in the registers, and so it happens that though he was a Imokseller in 
London for some years, his name does not appear amongst the SS7 names printed by Mt. 
Arbec in his fifth volume. The following entries in the registers refer to his bequest ; — 

Abstract firom the " accoumpte " of Richard Watliins and Frauncis Coldoclt wardens 
" Item paJde to Hugh Woodcock, Salter towarde his Chardges in Lawe aboute mistress 
kevalles how<ei in his tyme. iij" xilj' iiii''." 

Artel's Tratucript, Vol, I, p, 491. 


Other entries relating ta him will be found at p, 554 in the same volume. 
The bequest did not come bto the hands of the Company till the death of Jane Kevall, 


Brazen Serpent. St. Paul's Churchyard. 
Succeeded by his widow, Johan Wolfe, 
Dated [ ]. Proved 9th January 157I.' 

Bequests; "I give and bequeath unto Jone my wellbeloved wife the pur- 
chase of the kinge, called the Chappell, and the house that Luke Harrison 
nowe dwelleth in, and the house Mr. Couldock dwelleth in, [hereunto 
belonging." " I give to my wife all my leases which I hold of Powles Churche 
as appeareth by the leases." " All the rest of my goods to be distributed to 
my children, according to the custom of the citie of London." 
WiTMESSES: George Bishoppe, Raphael Holingshed, and me "John Hunn, 
and me John Shepperd." [P.C.C. i. Marfyti.] 

(I). See the wiU of Joan Wo]f« in this volume. 

JOHANNE WOOLFE (Widow) (Jan. iS74-July 1574). 
Brazen Seipent, St. Paul's Churchyard. 
Succeeded by John Sheppard. 
Dated ist July, 1574 ; Proved aoth July, 1574. 
Testator to be buried in St. Faith's church. 

Bequests: "Unto my sonne Robert WoolfFe' and to my sonne in lawe 
John Hun citizen and haberdasher of London,' all and singular such whole 
ynterest estate, right tytle leace and leaces proprietie tearme and tearmes of 
yeres to come and unexpired use, possession and demaunde, as I the saide 
Johan Woolffe as adminystratrix vnto the said Reginalde Wolffe or other- 
wise have or ought to have of and in all that tenement with thappurtenances 


called or knowen b; the signe of the Brasen Sarpent now in the teanure and 
occupacon of me the saide Johan Woolffe scitoate in Pawles churche yardein 
the parrish of Sainte faithe in London aforesaide, and of and in all and 
singular other Tenements yardes and Romes with their appurtenances 
scituate in Pawles church yarde aforesaide whiche I the saide Johan 
am now lawfully intituled unto and am possessed of as admynystiatrix 
vnto my late husbaode Reginalde Woolffe. And also all the presses, 
letters, furniture coppies and other necessarie instruments and tooles 
being with in my prynting bowse or belonging vnto the same for con- 
cerning or belonging to the arte of prynting. And also all the books what- 
soever being in my shoppe ; my saide dwelling howse or ellswheare and 
all other my Implements of howsholde . - . remayning or being within my 
saide dwelling howse called the Brason Sarpente." Henry Woolffe, son, 
annuity of sixteen pounds, " Provided alwaies . . . that if the saide Henry doo 
not apptie his studdye at the unyversitie, but shall surcease and clerelye leave 
and give over his studdye theare. That then . . . yt shalbc lawfuU to and 
for the saide Robert Wolfe and John Hun to abate, retaine and deducte in 
their own handes owte of the saide anuetie . . . the some of six pounds ..." 
Susan Hun daughter "wife of the said John Hun " annuity of ten pounds, 
with reversion to her children. Elizabeth Nevenson daughter, "wife of Steven 
Nevenson, doctoure of the Civil lawe," annuity of sis pounds during her 
husbands life time and ten pounds per annum after his death. Magdalene 
Rigthome "my sister Harpers daughter, whiche Magdalene is dyseased in her 
eies," annuity of twenty shillings. '^ Item 1 will that Raphaell HoUingeshed 
shall have and enjoye all suche benefit prof&t and commoditie as was promised 
vnto him by my saide late husbande Reginalde Wolffe for or concerning the 
translating and prynting of a certaine Crownacle whiche my saide husbande 
before his decease did prepare and intende to have printed.'" "Item, I will 
that if my Executours shalbe mynded to let owte the shoppe belonging to the 
saide Tenement called the brason Sarpent and the stocke thearto belonging, 
That then John Shepparde my servaunt shall have the preferment to have the 
same before any other person doing therefore as an other will in plaine dealinge 



with owte fraud or coven."' " Garret Wolf brother of my aaide late husband 
. . . Tenne poundes." " unto the children of my cossein Joseph dwelling 
in Southewerke," plate. " vnto my said sister Harper fortie shillings." 
Mary Harrison daughter, the wife of John Harrison cytezin and Stacyonet 
of London,' goods. Reginald Harrison sonne of the said John Harrison, 
Johan Harrison daughter of the saide John Harrison, plate. Luke Harrison 
"cytezin and Stacioner of London," a gown. William Chambers cytezin 
and haberdasher, a gown. Johan Edwards " my cossein my ringe of 
golde with a harte Rubie in yt and to her daughter Johan Clayton my 
mowming gowne," Johan Hun daughter of the said John Hun forty 
pounds with reversion to other children. Sara Harrison daughter. "to 
every one of my apprentices and other mens servauntes fortye shillings ... a 
pece to be paide unto the same apprentices severally at the eande of their 
several! apprenticeships." "Hem my will and minde is that the saide Robert 
Woolffe and John Hun by the advice and consent of the overseers of this my 
will and testament shall let owte such partes of my said dwelling howse as 
they shall thinke good and three bedds wiih convenient furniture for the same 
and the shoppe of the same howse and the wares thearin and the prynting 
howse aforesaide with all the presses furnyture Instruments Tooles and 
necessaries thereof towarde the raising and making of the annuities aforesaide, 
or . . . they may use and occupie the premisses last mencyoned themselfs ..." 
"The residue of all and singuler my goods chattalls reddy money, Jewells and 
plate whatsoever (after my detts paide my funeralls discharged and my 
legacies satisfied) I wholy give and bequeathe to the said Robert Wolfe and 
John Hun whiche saide Robert Wolfe and John Hun I make and ordain 
executours of this my last will and testament." 

"And as touching the disposing of all that chappell in Pawles churche yarde 
aforesaide and of all the tenements and shoppes and other Rowmes 
thearunto adioyning or belonging with all and singular their appurtenaunces 
whereof I now stonde seised in my demesne as of fee to my owne use' I make 
and ordaine this my laste will thearof ... I give bequeathe graunt and 
demise vnto the saide John Hun all that shoppe in Pawles churche yarde 


aforesaide being parcell of the saide Chappell and now being m the teanurc 
and occupation of the same John Hun . . . unto the ende and terme of fortie 
yeres . . . paying therefore yerelie . . . fortie shilHngs. Item I will that the 
saide Luke Harrison and his wife whiche he now hathe shall have and holde 
to them and either of them during their severall lives all that tenement, shoppe 
rowmes and partes and parcells of the saide Chappell whiche they now hold 
and occupie" etc' Item I will that Frauncis Coldocke Cytezin and stacyoner 
of London his executors and assigns shall have holde occupie and enioye all 
that Tenement and Rowmes adioyning or belonging to the said chappell nowe 
being in the occupawn of the same Frauncis by vertue of a leace . . . 
from the ende ... of the saide leace . . . vnto thende and tearme of Twenty 
yeres from thence next followyng . . . yelding and paying therefore yearlie 
during the same tearme of Twentye yeres . . . suche yerelie rente as is 
reserved in his saide former leace" etc' "Vnto the saide Robert Woolffe my 
Sonne all the saide Chappell bowses etc." with reversion to his brother Henry, 
and to Reginald Hun the son of John Hun etc. the entail thus created not to 
be sold. " To the poore children of the hospitall forty shillings to the poore 
of this parrish of Sainte Faithe and ellswheare forty shillings." "sister Coale 
to have xxj. in money etc. "Mistress Coston, Mistress Upton, Mistress 
Holder and Mistress Draper," five shillings a piece. " Mother Gyles " two 
shillings a week. Thomas Hanison "son in law" a piece of plate. 
Overseers : Stephen Nevenson and John Harrison, sons in law. 
WiTNBSSES : "Ricbarde Henton, Gabriell Cawood, Rico Colins scrivenor." 
\P.C.C. 32. Marfyit.] 

(1). No person of this name u anywhere mentioned in the Registers of the Company, 
but on the I71h of May, 1565, there is an enliy recording the freedom of " R^nolde Wolfe 
the youager." I do not think this refers to the Robert Wolfe mentioned in the will, but to 
another son who had probably died in the interim. 

(2). Mr. Arber mentions a person of this name as pubHshing in iS77(7ViiHicn^, VoL V, 
xcv.) but he has not traced any book, and I venture to think there is a mistake somewhere. 

(3). The first edition of Holinshcd's C4n»iiV/i; appeared in 1577. He explains in his 
" Preface " thai ihe work had grown to such magnitude that the executors of the will of 
Johan Wolfe were alarmed at the probable cost of printii^ the work, and it was decided to 
issue the smtUkr parts first. The work was printed hj John Harrison the Elder. 


(4). Shepperd evidently accepted this offer and printed from this address during the 
years 1 576-1 577, after which he disappears and no more is heard of the Brazen Serpent until 
1581, when it is found in the hands of Richard Vemon.-Arber's Transcript^ Vol. V, pp. 102-123. 

(5). Then carr3dng on business at the White Greyhound in St. PauPs Churchyard. 

(6). This was the chapel over the Chamel house on the N. side of the Cathedral 
which Reginalde Wolfe had purchased of the King, and from which he removed a thousand 
cartloads of bones. Stow sajrs : " The Chappell and Chamel were converted into dwelling 
houses, warehouses and sheds for stationers, builded before it in place of the tombes." 

(7). The sign of the " Crane." 

(8). The sign of the " Green Dragon." 

Among the archives of St. Paul's Cathedral is a document by which William Juxon, 
Bishop of London in 1638, demised to Elizabeth, relict of Thomas Adams, citizen and 
stationer of London, two messuages with three shops in the great churchyard of the cathedral 
church, on the north side of the church, '' adjoyninge to a house there sometimes called the 
Chamell house on the east part," one of which messuages is known by the name of the sign 
of the Parrott and Angell and the other by the name of the sign of "the King's Heade " 
January 20. 13 Chas I. Hist, Mans, Comm,^ 9th Report, App. p. 521. 


In Little Britain Street, by Great St. Bartholomews without Aldersgate. 

Dated 22nd June, 1575. Proved i6th September, 1575. 

Bequests: Elizabeth Awdley, wife, lease of houses in Greene's Alley, 
Westminster and all temporal goods. Sampson Awdley "my sonne." 
Joan, daughter, five poundes ; Rachel daughter five poundes ; Mary 
Simpson daughter fortie shillings ; Agnes daughter five poundes and 
Elizabeth daughter, five poundes. "Also I bequeath unto the said my 
Sonne Sampson Awdley and John Simson my sonne in lawe my workehowse 
of printinge to be equally praised and devided between them, but the same 
workehowse to remaine in my wyves hand and disposition till she shall see 
the one of them able to rule and occupy it." " The residewe of my goodes 
as wares, copies, and other thinges ... I give wholly unto my said wiefe 
Elizabeth making her ... my sole executrix.*' 

Overseers : Anthony Kitson draper, and Brian Dodmor gent. 

Witnesses : Thomas Uby, Robert right {sic) Robert Ivie. 

IF.C.C. 3S^ FickeHng,'] 
(i). The younger son of Sampson Awdelie, verger of Westminster Abbey, whose will 
was proved in the Commissary of London, 12th January, 1559. 

RICHARD JUGGE (1547-1577). 

Sign of the Kble in Panl's C huidijaul till 1573, when be l e aio fe d to Newgate 

Muket next onto dnst's Cbncii. 

Sooceeded by Miles JciiniiigSfc 

Dated 17th August, 1577. Proved 23rd October, 1577. 

Bequests: To Johan "my wief a third part of goods. Children (not 
named) mimarried, a third part " Richard Watkins, sonne in lawe citizen 
and Stacioner of London all my onlde gonlde and silver of fonraine OHne and 
of any other coine whatsoever being in a box in my comptinge howse." " unto 
the M' ffellowes and Scollers of Rings CoUedge in Cambridge the valewe of 
tenne poundes in bookes. "Christs Hospital fibrtie shillings, St Bartho- 
lomews and St Thomas's hospitals, twenty shillings a pece." "I will that 
there shalbe distributed jjls. amongst the poore parsons of the parrish of 
Christes church where I dwelL" " each of my two iqpprentices William White 
and Richard Reade shall have twentie shillinges a pece at the ende of their 
prentishipps. ' "Heline my wife's sister, twentie shillings." "Elizabeth 
Symons, my daughter." 

Executrix : Johan wife. 

Overseers : " my verie ffrendes John Wyght, Draper and William Norton 

Witnesses : Thomas Gatacre, Edward Layfeld, Richard Collins scrivenor. 

Codicil dated i8th August, 1577. '^I give and bequeath vnto my sonne, 
John Jugge, tenne shillinges And to my daughter Anne, tenne shillings 
/ Item I give and bequeath to Mr. Gaddaker and Mr. Layfeld preachers Tenne 
groates a pece." 

Witnesses : Richo Collins, Scr., Richard Watkins, Nicholas Cowp[er]. 

[P.C.C. 40. Daughtrey:\ 

(i). William White was made free on the loth April, 1583, by Mistres lugge, and 
worked as a publisher from 1588 to 1623 ; Richard Reade was made free on the i8th 
January, 1580, and is found printing and publishing until 1603. — ^Arber^s Transcript^ 
Vol. 5, p. 261, etc. 



ANTHONY KYTSON or KITSON, Dmper (iS49-'S78)- 

"Sun" in Si. Paul's Churchyard, 

Succeeded by his son Abraham Kitson. 

Dated 5th September, 1577. Proved izth July, 1578. 
Testator to be buried in parish church of St. Faith beside his first wife 

Bequests : To Abraham Kytson, " my eldest sonne," lands and tenements in 
St. Pauls Churchyard, Wood Street and Fleet Street, out of the revenues of 
which he was to pay legacies. Thomas Kytson, " my second sonne," re- 
mainder of above property and one hundred and forty pounds. Agnes " my 
daughter," reversion of above property. Ann Kytson "my daughter," one 
hundred pounds. John " my youngest sonne by Mary my last wife," twenty 
pounds. Sara, "my cosin," twenty pounds, Mr, Wight and wife,' Mr. Mills 
and wife,' Mr. Flaskett and wife,' Mr. Wilson and wife,* Mr. Veale and 
wife,' cloth to each for a mourning gown. Roger and Gregory "myboyes, 
my apprenlizes." 
Executor : son Abraham. 

Overseers : Leonard Mills and Mr. Flaskelt, citizen and haberdasher. 
Witnesses : Robert Wheathill, John Wyght, by me Thomas Kyttsonn, by 
me Abraham Veale, by me Richard Rastall. * \_P.C.C. 31. Langley^ 

Preceding the probate clause is entered a protest by Abraham Kitson, to the 
effect that the property in Fleet street, etc., was entailed to him, and that his 
father had no power to saddle them with the legacies, and therefore he refuses 
to carry out this part of his father's will. 

(l). John Wyghl, one of the witnesses lo the will, also a draper and stationer, living al 
Ihe sign of the " Rose " in St. Paul's Churchyard. See his will in this volume. 

(2). Leonard Mills, who was appointed one of (he overseers. It is not clear whether 
he was a stationer. His name only occurs once in Arber's rmnirryV (Vol. I, p. 445). Under 
" Rentes belonging to ye howse " is entered " Recevyd of Leonerd Myiles tor a hole yeres 
Rent Due at our lady Day [z5th March, 1571]. xxvjt. i\a.d." 

(3). No doubt the same person who is styled "citizen and haberdasher" a few lines 
below. He was perhaps father of John Flaskett, stationer. 


(4). Several Wilsons occur in the Registers. 

(5). No doabt Abraham Veale, one of the witnesses, also a draper and stationer, who 
carried on business at the Lamb in St Paul's Churchyard. 

(6). Was this a descendant of John and William RasteU ? 

JOHN WALEY or WALLEY> (i 546-1 586). 

The Harts Horn, Foster Lane. 
Succeeded by his son Robert WaUey. 

Dated 8th December, 1585. Proved 28th April, 1586. 

Bequests : " To my poor scholler Thomas Hamond in Oxford five poimdes 
a yere for foure yeres after the date hereof." Amiys [/>., Agnes] " my wife " 
residue of estate. Robert Walley "my sonne" reversion of residue, etc.* 
Henry Walley " my sonnes sonne." " To all my childrens children as they 
come to age three poimdes a piece, to be paide out of my house in fibster 
lane." Francis Nuberry,' John Thomas my godson,* and Mary Walley, to 
each a piece of plate. Henry Hammondes children, Henry, Robert and 
Lionell twenty shillings a piece. Dorothy Pister "my daughter Thamesius 
daughter." Thomas Gubbins, " my servante." 

Executrix : wife Agnes. 

Overseers : Ralph Nuberry and John Thomas. 

Witnesses : Ralph Nuberry and John Thomas. [P.C.C. 21. Windsor.'] 

(i). This will is peculiar in many ways. The testator did not state the nature of his 
business, nor in what part of London he lived, nor the name of the Company to which he 

(2). Robert Walley had been in business as a stationer since 1576, although he did 
not become a Freeman of the Company until 15S5. As his place of business is unknown at 
that time, he was perhaps in partnership with his fiither. 

(3). The son of Ralph Newberry, stationer. 

(4). Mr. Arber only mentions one stationer of this name in his list of London 
publishers {TranscHpi, Vol. V, pp. Ixxxi, etc.) and gives his period as 1637, but the John 
Thomas mentioned in this will \rzs publishing according to the register (see Transcript^ 
Vol. II» p. Ill) in 1582. As be was not long out of hb time, he may have been alive in 


Biack friars. 
Succeeded by his widow, Jacqueline, who aflerwards raatiied Richard Field. 

Dated loth July, 1587. Proved 22nd July, 1587. 

Bom in the towne of Troyes in Champain in France. Now resident in 


Bequests : "To the French church in London, three pounds. Peter Dorange 

"my neighbour," two pounds, Magdalene Basile " my servant my gowne and my 

red Wastcoate and two shillings and sixpence sterling." Claude VautroUier, 

"brother," three pounds. Anthonette VautroUier, "sister," two pounds. 

Phillibert VaulrolUer, "nephew," twenty shillings, James VautroUier, 

"brother," two pounds. Simeon VautroUier, "son, That peece 

the kinge of Skotlande weyinge aboute ten crownes of the same his parte 

and f)ortion of the partition of goods. Manasse, "son, the printinge press 

which I brought back againe from Scotland furnished with all her appurte- 

naunces that is to saye with fower Chassis, and three Ffrisketts, two timpanes 

and a Copper plate. With a copper marbell and other smale tooles and 

instrumentes. " All my ensamples in woode the which I have printed and 

also others that were not as yet printed together also two bookes of pictures 

or figures, viz : Simbola Heroiea and one other the Theater of the Good 

Engms, for the sum of thirty pounds." lacqueline' "my wiefe and to my 

fower children, viz Simeon Manasse, Thomas and James," residue of goods to 

be divided according to the custom of the city of London into three parts 

one to the wife and the other two to the children, "whether it be 

marchaundize or books, paper, movables or money, lykewyse my printinge 

wholy furnished with presses letters caracters of cast mettell, and the 

mattrices." Reversion of above bequests to brethren and sisters beyond 

the seas. 

Executors: Bastien Bonfoy'and Frauncis Bonier'. 

Overseer : James Duthit. 

Witnesses : Ascanius de Renyalme' Peter Bonevall. 


At the foot is this clause : — Ex Gallicam in Anglicam linguam conuersum et 
inuentij[m] substantialiter concordare per me Notariuiti subsignalu[m] Londini 
comorantem Actam Londini hoc die xix mensis Julij Ano Dm 1587. D. 
Le Blancqnots pubcus, 1587. 

\_Commissary 0/ London. 1587. fol. 99 verso.] 

(i.) Il will be seen ftora this that Vautrollier had no daughter, and that the " Jaklin" 
whom R. Field married was the widow. 

(2), A fealheidresser livbg in Blicltfriars. d, 1594. His will is in the P.C.C. 8. Dixy. 
(3). See also the will of Astanius de Reinalme in this series. 
(4). See his will in this series. 

JOHN JUDSON (1558-1590). 

His place of business unknown. 

Dated 4th May, 1588. Proved iSth March, is8|. 
Bequests: To Richard Judsonne "my sonne." Thomas Judsonne "iny 
Sonne."' Alice Judson "my wellbeloved wife my stock of money which 
is in the handes of the Stationers for partnershippe, either to receive it, or the 
profitt of it during the time of her natural life, and after her decease my will 
is that the saide stocke of money shall come to my sonne Thomas by the 
appointment of my foresaide wyfe." William Jones' "my servant" ten 
shillings. Thomas Leeke' "my servant" to be paide to him at end of his 
prenticeshipp ten shillings," John Shawe* "my servant" to he paid to 
him at the end of his prenticeshipp ten shillings." Gualter "my cosyn to 
be paide to him at the end of his prenticeshipp, tenne shillings." Residue 
to wife Alice, executrix. 

Overseers : sons Richard and Thomas, and Mr. Kelsick. 

Witnesses : William Kelaicke, John Slye. 

IF.C.C. 33. Zeicesier.] 



(i). Made free of Company, 1 6th January, 1581. 

(2). Made free iglh October, 1587. Arber. Transcripts, Val. II, p, 701. 
(3). Thomas Leeke, admitted on the last day of September, 1594. 
(4). Was apprenticed on the isl May, 1588, for nine years. Does not appear to have 
taken ap his freedom. 

JOHN WIGHT, Draper (1551-1589). 
The Rose, St. Paul's Churchyard. 
Succeeded by his son, Thomas Wight. 
Dated 25th May, 1589- Proved i6th July, 1589. 
Testator to be buried in St. Faith's. 

Beqcests : " To Company of Drapers five poundes towardes a diner." To 
the poor of Flamsted co. Herts, " twentie poundes." To the poor of Cudding- 
ton, CO. Bedds. "five poundes." "fortie shillinges in money, to and amonge 
the pore men of the company of stationers in London." WiUiam Bolheway 
cousin, "twentie poundes." Thomas Preston, cousin, house and "wicke" in 
Tyme Lane near Market Street, Flamsted. Michael Preston, cousin, house 
in parish of St. Michaels, in the town of St. Albans. Humfry Osmonde 
cousin, Alice Smith, "cousin, the millers wife of Redborne." "Gostwick's 
wife, twentie shillings." Grace Flaskett daughter of Thomas Flaskett,' sixty 
pounds. John Wilson, son of Henry Wilson, " sonne in lawe," for his better 
exhibition and maintenuance at the University, "twelve poundes yearly for 
four years. Mistress Strange widow. Mistress Cooke widow " who sometime 
dwelt in St. Nicholas Lane." SamuellShorte,' "to the value of fortie shillings 
in unbound books." John Bayly,' "to the value of fortie shillings in 
unbound books." Agnes Hinde "my servaunte, fortie shillings." Sara 
Draper, " twentie shillings." WiUiam Payne, " my tenaunt," five shillings." To 
my tenaunt which now dwelleth in the house besides Tyme Lane in Market 
(sic) within the said parish of Flamsted five shillings in money." To the 
poore of St Faiths, " wheare I now dwell fortie shillings in money." "I do 
forgive Thomas Flaskett, my sonne in lawe, all that he doth owe vnto me 
(whiche is a good sum of money) so that he do discharge me, my executors 
and administrators of the bonds that I am bound in for him to one John 



Wouters the duche man." Katherine "my dawghter," wife to Thomas 
Flaskett. Anne Wilson " niy dawghter, three tenements in Southwark, lately 
bought of Thomas Flaskett." Martha Mylls "my dawghter wife of Leonard 
Mylls, and her children (not named).'" 
Executor : Thomas Wighte "my sonne." 
Overseer ; Leonard Mylls, " sonne in lawe." 

Witnesses: Abraham Veaie,' William Young,' Robert Androwes, scrivener. 
On the ist November, 1609, a commission was issued to Jocosa Wight, widow 
of Thomas Wight, to administer this will during the minority of Gabriel, 
Thomas and Lucy, natural children of Thomas Wight. 

IP.C.C. 63. Leiaster:\ 

([)■ This was doubtless a relative of John Flaskett, stationer, who was publishing in 
London between 1594 and 1613. 

(z). If this was one of hia appteatices, be never came on the livery or look up the 
trade of a bookseller. 

{3). "John Baylie swotae and admitted a freman of this eompanie by translation from 
the company of Drapers to this company accordinge \a tbc orders of the cilie." 25lh June, 
1600. Arber's Transcript,'^ a\. 11, p. 726. On Ihe neil page we read Ihat be was admitted 
by John Newbery, to wham perbaps he was transferred on Ihe death of John Wight. 

(4). In Arber's Transcript (Vol. I, p. 445) is the following entry " Recevyd of Leonard 
Myites for a hole yeres Rent due at our Lady Day [25tb March, 1571] xxvji. viijr/. 

(S). There is no entry of his apprenticeship or freedom in the registers of the 
Stationers' Company. He published from 1590 to i6o3. 

(6). A member of the Drapers' Company who carried on business as a printer and 
publisher at the sign of the Lamb in Si. Paul's Churchyard from 1548 to rsSg. 

(7). This was perhaps the publisher found in partnership with Ralph Jackson at 

WILLIAM NORTON (1561-1593). 
King's Arras, St. Paul's Churchyard, afterwards the Queen's Arms. 
Succeeded by his son, Bonham Norton. 
Dated 27th August, 1593. Proved, ist January, isg*- 
Testator to be buried in St. Faith's. 
Bequests: Goods etc, divided into three parts- 
wife," a third part.' Bonham Norton "my sonm 

Johan '- my wel belouved 
" a third part.' " William 



and Thomas " sonnes of my sonne Bonhara Norton " one hundred poundes a 
piece. Edward and George Norton "ray twoe lirethren fower poundes a 
piece." "John Norton, sonne of Kiysayed brother Edward Iwentie poundes " 
and to his other children four pounds a piece.' Richard Norton, "sonne 
of my brother Richard Norton ten poundes over and above that somme of 
tenne poundes which I have of his in my handes." Ahce Hewet, " sister in 
lawe, fortie shillings . . . and ... to everie of her children . . . twentie 
shilUngs." " three score and sixe gownes of convenient clothe," to such poor 
freemen of the company of Stationers who attended his burial. " I give 
and bequeathe to so many schoUers as have gonne out of Christ's Hospitall to 
either of the Vniversities of Oxon and Cambridge synce the yere of oure Lord 
god one thousand fyve hundred eightie twoe and shall follow their learninge 
and shall not be beneficed or otherwise promoted out of the universities at 
the tyme of my decease every of them bookes to the value of twentie shillings 
a peece suche as themselves shall best like of." " I bequeathe to the Liverie 
of the Companye of Stacyoners whereof I am a member towardes a recreation 
or drinkinge to be had amongest them at their pleasure fortie shillinges." " To 
every apprentise man servaunte and mayde servaunte within my bowse which 
shall dwell with me at the tyme of my Decease fortie shillinges a peece 
to be payed to the Apprentices at the severall endes of theire apprentishippes 
and to the other menservauntes and maydeservauntes, when theire severall 
covenauntes shalbe expired." "I give and bequeathe vnto the parish ofCliffe 
in the Countie of Kent, the parishes of Onyburie, Cleoburie Mortimer, and 
Stotterden als Stolesden in the countie of Salop., the towne of Ludlowe in 
the same county, the parishe of Ludford nere the sayed towne of Ludlowe, 
the parishes of Sainct Mary Matfellon ats Wbitechappell and Sainct Lconardes 
in Bromley in the Countie of Midd and to the parishe of Saincte Sepulchre 
without Newgate of London, every of them fortie shillinges a peece to 
be distributed at the discretion of myne overseers." "To the children 
of Laurence Melborne late of London cowper, deceased and the survivors 
and survivor of them all that iny lease, righle, estate, terme of yeres and 
interest whicbe I have in those tenementes and houses heretofore demised 


and letten vnto me by Richard Colwell scituale behinde S'^ Nicholas Fleshe 
shambles in London, so allwayes as niyne executor within one monethe 
next after my decease be fullie satisfied and contented of and for all somme 
and sommes of money to me due or to be due by the saied Laurence 
Melborne Margery his late wyfe and Edward Davyes Cowper or any of them." 
Residue to Bonham Norton " my sonne." 

" I have already assured my Manners, landes and tenementes in the 
county of Salop in suche sorte as that after my decease the same ys to 
remayne to my sorme Bonham Norton and to his heires for ever. And 
I do leave my messuages landes tenementes and hereditamentes in the 
counties of Midd and Kent to descend to him and other my heirs according 
to the lawes of this reaime . . ." Lands called Grant's Alley, Beare Alley 
or Godfreys Alley "which I late purchased and bought of Oliver Godfrey 
gent" to the Governors of Christ's Hospital for ever subject to the payment 
out of the revenues of a sum of six pounds thirteen shillings and fourpence 
annually to the Master and Wardens of the Company of Stationers of which 
sum the Company was to lend six poundes to such young man or poor man 
of the Company as had need of it for three years and so on from three years 
to three years for ever. The balance thirteen shillings and fourpence was to 
be divided in the following way : — The Master of the Stationers company 
three shillings and fourpence, each of the two wardens three shillings and 
fourpence a piece and twenty pence a piece to the clerk and beadle of the 
company. A further sum of six pounds, thirteen shillings and fourpence 
annually, was to be paid to the churchwardens of the parish of Onybury 
CO. Salop, and of this sum six pounds six shillings and eightpence was to be 
paid to the Schoolmaster or when there should not happen to be a school- 
master, to be divided among the parents and inhabitants of the parish of 
Onybury, having children at school, the six and eightpence remaining 
over to be retained by the churchwardens. In the event of the buildings 
falling into decay, the Governors of Christ's Hospital were to rebuild them 
and in order to recoup themselves they were at liberty to stop paying these 
annuities for a certain time, etc., etc. 


Executor : Bonham Norton. 

Overseers : Brother George Norton, " and my lovinge friend and neighbour 
Richard Watkynnes."' 

Witnesses: Richarde Wrighte scr., Edmond Wattes, John Hodgetts, Ralph 
lackson, William Young. \P.C.C. 8. Dixy:\ 

(l). The daughter of William Bonham, stationer (j.p.) 

(2). Bonham Norton was made free of the Stationers' Company on 4th February, 1593-4, 
and rapidly became one of the richest and most important men in the city of I^ndon, but 
his character as revealed in his dealings with Robert Barker and John Norton, was not a high 
one. He was in partnership for some time with John Norton, who made a will wholly in 
bis favour. This will was afterwards disputed by John Norton's nephew, who declared that 
Bonham Norton enerted undue influence to procure it. Bonham Norton subsequently shared 
with Robert Barker the ol^ce of King's Printer, which he ultimately got into his own hands. 
He then took John Bill as partner. A long law suit resulted, the upshot of which was that 
Robert Barker recovered the office, and Bonham Norton was tried before the Star Chamber 
court for litielling the Lord Keeper, and condemned to fine and imprisonment. He died in 
1635, tmt whether he was then in prison is not known. He left no will, administration of 
his estate being granted to his widow. Bonham Norton married Jane, the daughter of Thomas 
Owen of Condover, Shropshire, one of the judges of the Court of Common Pleas. He was 
Master of (he Company b 1613, i6z6, 1629. 

(3). According to the entry in the Roisters, the John Norton who became a 
stationer was the son of Richard Norton, ofthe parish of Billingstey, in the county of Salop. 
[Vol. II, p. 82), As John Norton in his will (^.i*.) also mentions his brother Richard 
deceased, it is almost certain that the name John Norton here mentioned was not the 
stationer of that name, who was one of the sons of Richard Norton mentioned in the next 
par^raph. In any case, this will proves that John Norton the stationer was a nephew and 
not a cousin of William Norton, as stated by Mr. Arber. 

(4). "Richard Watkins, stationer, was presented as an Apprentice in October, 1556, 
and was made free 27th April, 1557. He became Master ofthe Company in 15S9 and 1594. 
He held with James Rotjerts the patent for printing almanacs. He is believed to have tivwi 
at the sign of Love and Death in St. Paul's Churchyard." — [Arber's Transcrifils, VoL I, 
p. 37 .!/.«?.] 


Hand and Star in Fleet Street. 

Inquisition held at Buckingham in the County of Buckingham on the aist 

March 36 E!iz (1594) before Walter Curzon. Ar, Peter Palmer ar, and Robert 

Spencer, ar. escheator of the county aforesaid by virtue of a commission 



from the king, etc., etc. The jury find that the said Richard Tottell 
was seized of the manor of Wedon Hill and divers lands in Wedon Hill, 
Chessham, Amersham, and Little Missenden, and of the manor or farm of 
Mantell or Mantells, with its appurtenances in Little Missenden aforesaid, 
and of divers lands and tenements situated in VVendover, And of the farm 
called Brasiers End with appurtenances in Cholsbury Bucklands in the said 
county of Bucks. As well as in the manor of Lapflod with appurtenances in 
Brideford [/.«. Bideford] co. Devon. And of a capital messuage called 
Greenlinch with appurtenances in Silverton in co. Devon and of divers 
houses and cellars in the town of Topsham in the said county of Devon. 
As well as of one messuage formerly divided in two, situated in Fleet 
Street formerly in the occupation of William Tothill, all which property he by 
virtue of an agreement made 39 August 34 Eliz. (1592) he made over to 
William Kindesly of London, and William Tothill for the use of William 
Tothill and his heirs for ever. Richard Tothill died ist September 35 
Eliz, (1593) at Wiston in co. Pembroke. The jury find that the lands in 
Wedon Hill and Amersham were held by Richard Tothill of Carye. Ar. as 
of his castle of Berkhampstead, in free socage. The land in little Missenden 
of Peter Palmer gen., by grant of Edward Earl of Oxford as part of his 
manor of Whitchurch in the aforesaid county of Bucks but for what service 
the jury could not say and that the residue of the manors of Wedon Hill, 
Chesham and Little Missenden were held by Richard Tothill of Milone Sands 
ar., as of his manor of Chesham Higham, in the said county, but for what 
service the jury were ignorant. The said manor of Wedon Hill, premises in 
Wedon Hill, Chesham, Amersham and Little Missenden were of a total 
value of i'^U 6j. M. That the aforesaid manor of Mantells was held of 
the Queen for great serjeantry that is to say to act as naparius at her 
coronation and its value was about 5// a year. The lands and premises in 
Wendover were held of William Hawtry ar, as of his manor of Wendover in 
free socage, and its clear yearly value was 20 shillings. The farm of Brasiers 
End was also held for the performance of some service but the jury are 
unable to say what, its value was 20s. The Manor of Lapflod in co. Devon 
was held of Richard Champernowne. Us value was 33J. 41^. The capital 


messuage of Greenlinch was held of Richard Hales ar, as of his manor of 
Kenydon in co. Devon but for what service the jury could not say and its 
clear yearly value was 20s. The houses and cellars in Topsham were held of 
Anna Countess of Warwick as of her manor of Topsham in free socage and 
their clear yearly value was five shillings. The messuages in Fleet Street were 
held of the Queen for a part of a knights fee and were valued at four pounds 
per annum. The jurors finally say that William Tothill was son and heir of 
the said Richard Tothill and at the time of his death was aged thirty three 
years and upwards. {.-^''S- ^- M- Eih. Vol. 340. No. i8.'\ 

(I.) As no will of this eminent printer can be Itaced, the above Inquisition, which 
showE the extent and whereabouts of bis piopeitf, is suttstituled. 

ASTANIUS DE REINALME' (is8o?-i6oo). 

Dated 29th February, 1599 \i.e., 1600], Proved roth March, 1599 \i.e., 1600]. 
Bequests: French congregation, "tenn poundes." Dutch congregation, 
five pounds. Jonas de Reinalme " my brother, tenn poundes." " sister 
Groll dwellinge nere Wormes in Germanic, tenn poundes." James Rime 
"my wife's sonne," one hundred pounds. Francis Bonner [Bonier] "brother 
in lawe" and Lucy Bonner his wife. Hester Burie, "sister in lawe." Elizabeth 
Bonner or Bonier, Zeth Locharde, Aron Chevalier, John Bonner or Bonier, 
James Burie, Peter de Quesie, — Vanderbergh, Marie Henson, Hester 
Bishopp, Sara Clownes, godchildren. " I give and bequeath to the Companie 
of the Stationers in London, as a token of my goodwill beinge a brother of the 
said companie a piece of plate to the value of (five poundes." Robert 
Goodwin, George Bishopp, Bonham Norton, John Norton, John Doliins, 
Owen Locharde, Edward Lea, Francis Henson, — Neale, "weilbeloved friends 
and neighbours," to each a ring. "To my servaunt Adrian Marvie, the some 
of tenn poundes, vppon condition that he continue with my wife the full terme 
of such yeares as he hath latelie contracted with me in writinge, at the same 
wages as by the said contract he is to have of me by the yeare." Richard 


Williams and Levin de Munck the house at Blackfriars " wherein I now do 

dwell," and another adjoining it bought of Francis Bonner or Bonier, as well 

as a house near Newgate Market. 

Overseers r John Castoll, Richard Williams, John de Quesie, Levin de 


Executrix : Elizabeth de Reinalme wife. 

Witnesses: Edward Lea, Gedeon de Lanne. [P.C.C. jj. Wallapp^ 

FRANCIS COLDOCK (1561-1603).' 
Lombard Street, over against the CaidinalU Hat. 
Green Dragon, St. Paul's Churchyard. 
Dated 3rd September, 1602. Proved ist February, 160^. 
BEQUESTS 1 " All such debtes dueties and sommes of money as in righte and 
in conscience I doe and shall owe to anie person or persons shall be truelie 
answered and paied . . . and namelie that somme of fiftie and two poundes 
of lawfull money of England which is yet in my handes, and whiche somme 
with the somme of fortie and eight poundes more in money that my sonne in 
lawe William Ponsonby' hath heretofore had and received of me dothe extend 
and make up the full somme of one hundred poundes, as in full saiisfacGn 
and payment of that hundred poundes, as the porcbn and marriage money 
which I promised to him . . . with my daughter Joane nowe his wief at her 
marriage." " I will the whole Residue of my . . . goodes wares household- 
stuff, debtes chattalls plate money moveables and other worldly substaunce . . . 
shalbe indifferently valued and praysed according to the laudable vse and 
custome of the Citty of London, and . . . shall be equallie, truelie and justly 
parted and devided into thre equall and just partes or porc(ins which three 
equall partes and porc6ns I give and bequeathe in maner and forme 
following: — Alice Coldocke,' my we! beloved wief one third part. William 
Ponsonby and Joan his wife, one third part. Peter Caldock, natural brother, 
"six poundes thirteen shillings and fower pence," Izabell Walton widow, 


natural sister, "six poundes thirteen shillings and fower pence." John 
Coldocke, " my said brother Peter his sonne, twentie shillings." Frauncis 
Kyd scrivenor, " in respect of such paines as he is to take as one of the over- 
seers of this my will, twentie shillings." William Leeke stationer, " sometime 
myne apprentice in respect of such paines as he is to take as one of the 
overseers of this my will, the like somme of twentie shillings." To the 
" children of my said daughter Joane Ponsonby and my wiffes sonne Simon 
Waterson," rings of the value of twenty shillings. " Symon Waterson and 
Fraunces his wife" rings. Elizabeth Garretson widow "twentie shillings." 
Agnes Kyd wife of Ffrauncis Kyd "twentie shillings." "I doo release and 
discharge John Smyth myne apprentice of one yere of the terme of his 
apprenticeshipp." A special clause that William Ponsonby and his wife should 
give a discharge in writing for all the legacies and bequests left them. 

Executrix : Wife Alice. 

Overseers : Frauncis Kyd and William Leake. 

Witnesses: William Leake, Thomas Heyes, William Yoimg, Francis Kyd 
scrivenor. \F,C.C, 20, Bo/em,"] 

(i). See the wills of R. and J. Wolfe in this series. 

(2). See his will in this series. 

(3). The daughter of Simon Burton, of the parish of St. Andrew Undershaft. She 
married three stationers. Her first husband was Richard Waterson, father of Simon 
Waterson, and after Coldock's death she married Isaac Binge. 

ROBERT DEXTER (1590-1603). 
Brazen Serpent, St. Paul's Churchyard. 

Dated 24th October, 1603. Proved 26th December, 1603. 

Bequests : To wife Elizabeth, a third of his estate and 50/1. for life only. 
Mother, Alice Dexter widow 30//. a year for life, "brother" Nicholas Dexter, 
10//. a year. Brother Nicholas daughters Ann and Dorothy 30//. a peice. 
Uncle Myles Coltye. Martha Shurland "my wife's sister" lo/i. Thomas 


Shurland of Inner Temple, gent brother to the aforesaid Martha loA'. 
Edward Shurland of Grays Inn, brother in law. Thomas Mason brother 
in law. Michael Adams brother in law. Peter Scrivenor brother in 
law. "cosyn" Edward Coltie. " cosyn " Mary Tye the elder wife of John 
Tye the elder, and her eleven children " twenty shillings a pece." "Three 
children of my coseo Christopher Wright by his first wife Catherine twenty 
shillings a pece." Wife of John Hill of Ashebocking co. Suffolk, twenty shillings. 
"cosyn" Mary Morris three pounds and to her daughter forty shillings. 
" cosyn " Alice late the wife of Anthony Allwaye forty shillings and to her 
child twenty shillings, "widow Crosbie forty shillings and to her son twenty 
shillings." " Mistress Temple widdow in the Black fryers fortye shillings and 
to her two children twentye shillings a piece." "Mistress Holland of St. 
Brides widdow wyfe to Mr. Henry Holland preacher." " Dennys Thompson 
widdow in Knight Ryder streete, fortye shillings." "widow Blevin wife to 
Richard Blevin deceased fortye shillings." Mistress Bing' "aometymesmy 
mistress, I give fortye shillinges lo make her a ring." Peter Colldock and 
Isabell his sister fortye shillings a piece. [various preachers twenty 
shillings a piece.] Mr. Samuel Crooke. Mr. Thomas Crook e and 
Helkiah a ring each, " I give vnto the company of Statyoners . . . twentye 
poundes to be lente foorthe by them vppon securitye for three yeares vnto 
poore yong men freebome of the same companye gratis, and so from time to 
time for three yeares gratis vnto two others of the same company beinge poor 
yong men as aforesaid." "Item I desier and will that all my copies be 
sould by Mr. Bisshoppe, Mr. Binge, Mr. Man, and Mr, Pownsabie statyoners, 
and the money thereof made lo go to my executors towardes the payments of 
my debts and legacies aforesaid." 

Executors i Miles Coltye " my unkle," Nicholas Dexter and Mr Stephen 
Egerton preacher, -> 

Witnesses : Myles Coltye, Martha Shorlande and Roger Harris notary, 
Mark of Sarah Crosbie, Mary Morris. \_P.C.C. loS. Boleyn.] 

(l). Previously the wife of Richard Wafeiaon and Francis Coldock. 



WILLIAM PONSONBY (1577-1604). 
Bishop's Head in Paul's Churchyard. 
Dated 31st December, 1603. Proved 23rd January, 160J. 
Testator to be buried in the parish church of St. Faith. 
Bequests : "And as touchinge the disposinge of my worldlie goodes, chattels, 
and landes, wherewith the Lorde hathe endowed me, I dispose of in manner 
and fourme foUowinge, viz., I make my wief my sole executrix and 
Mr. Binge' and Mr. Jonseed my overseers." 

Witnesses : Mr. Henry Tripp clerk, Isaack Binge and Thomas Overy'. 

iP.C.C. S- Harte.'l 

(i). Jcane or Johanne, the daughter of Francis Coldock (^.o.). 

(2). No doubl Isaac Bing, stationer, also mentioned lower down. 

(3). On the 3rd September, 1604. Ponsonby's copyrights were transferred to Simon 
Waterson. (Arber's Transcript, Vol. Ill, p. 269.) 

RALPH NEWBERY (1560-1607). 

"In Fleet Street a little above the Conduit." 
Dated 8th March, i6o§. Proved a4th April, 1607. 

Bequests ; Elizabeth, wife, goods in house in St. Bride's parish, Fleet 

Street ; goods in house at Stroud Green ; one-third of the manor of Fines 

alias Feins alias Wollfines alias Wolley fenes, co. Berks. Francis, son, 

goods in house at Binnam, co. Berks. Thomas Newburie, elder brother, 

goods. Robert Newburie, brother, goods. "Whereas I lent unto the 

Queenes Maiestie vppon the greate loane in London the some of fiftie 

poundes and whereas I lent unto Her Highnes the some of Thirtie poundes 

upon a Privie Scale. And whereas also my cosen John Newbury' doth owe 

unto me the sum of fifty pounds whiche I paid to Mr. Stone for him, I doe 

hereby give and bequeath the said severall somes of one hundred and thirtie 

k poundes . . . vnto and amongst the sonnes and daughters of my brothers 

I Robert and Thomas." "To my brother Griffin, ffortie shillinges to bestow 

1 bookes at his pleasure." "To my sister Walley" a ring, with bequests to 

I her children (not named). Martha Thomas and Robert Pister "my wife's 


sister's children." "neighbour Scott" and "neighbour Harvye." "And 
whereas I have a stocke of bookes in Stationers Hall that belongs unto me, 
as the Remainder of the Booke of Martirs, and certaine parte of and in 
Maister Daie and Maister Seres priviledge for printinge of bokes, my will and 
mynde is that my said Stocke and partes in Stationers' Hall shall be sould by 
the discretion and assistance of the Maister and Wardens for the tyme being 
of the said companie to the moste advantage and benefitt, and being so sould 
my will and mynde is that the money, coming for the same shalbe devided 
into fower equall partes. One parte whereof 1 give and bequeath vnto and 
amongst the poore of the said companie of Stationers etc. etc." " If Roger 
Jackson and John Norcott my late servants' shall paie unto me or my executor 
hereunder named such severall somes of money and in such manner and forme 
as the same are lymitted appointed or agreed to be paide by a noate and agree- 
ment under their handes, then they the said Roger Jackson and John Norcott 
shall have and enioye to theire owne use all my bookes remayninge and 
beinge in my shoppe in fReete-streate in the suburbes of London," 

Executor : Thomas Farrer. 

Overseers : Robert Jenkenson, John Scottes, homer. 

Witnesses ; John Nightingale, William Abbott, 

Codicil made 14th August, 1603. John Newburie of London, stationer 

" my cousin," to have the shop which now he occupieth and be cleared of debt 

of fifty pounds on giving security to Robert Newburie, Symon Newburie 

Marie Stonyver wife of John Stoniver and to Beatrix Newburie, " children to 

my brother Robert." 

Witnesses : Robert Morler clerk, Robert Newburie and Henry Newburie 

junr. \_P.C.C. 30. ffudlestone.] 

(1). John Newberry, stationer, lived at the Bail in St. Paul's Churchyard, and carried 
on bunness from 1594 to 1603 (?). 

(a), Roger Jackson apprenticed himself to Newberry for e^ht years from the 24th June, 
1591. He was in business for himself in 1604. John Norcott is a puzile. No such name 
appears in the Registers. It may be a misreading for John Norgate. They do not seem lo 
have ■vaiied themselves of this offer. 


CUTHBERT BURBY (1592-1607). 

Poultry, by St. Mildred's Church, 1592. Cotnhill, nest the Royal Exchange, 1601-1607, 

S*an, St. Paul's Churchyard, 1602-1607. 

Sacceeded by widow EUiabeth, and afterwards by N. Bourne. 

! Dated 34th August, 1607. Proved i6th September, 1607, 
Testator to be buried in the parish church of St. Mildred in the Poultry, "in 
which parrishe I served my apprentishipp." 

Bequests : Goods chattels, ready money etc., divided into three parts — 
Elizabeth "my wife one full third part, one other thirde parte I give and 
bequeathe amonges all my children equally ... my sonne Edward ... his 
parte ... at such time as he shall accomplishe his full age of twentte and one 
yeares." " I will that my executrix shall paie and deliver into the hands of 
the Master and Wardeins of the Companie of Stacioners for the time being 
within six months next after my decease the some of twentie pounds to be 
lent vnto two poore younge men Bookesellers free of the same Companie 
eyther of the saide younge men to have tenn poundes a pece in use and 
occupieng for the terme and space of three yeares without paying anie interest 
or other consideration for the same. And to become bounde and two sufficient 
suerties with either of them vnto the M' and Wardens of the saide Companie 
for the time beinge to repaie the said severall Tenn poundes to either of them 
lent at the ende of three yeares nexte after the lendinge thereof. And after 
the firste three yeares expired the same Twentie poundes to be lent to two 
other poore younge men Booksellers for other three years. And so from 
three yeares to three yeares to be employed for ever." Master Saracold 
parson of St. Mildred a gowne and twentie shiUinges in consideration of a 
sermon. Poor of the company of Stationers " fortie shillinges," Poor of the 
parish of St. Mildred " fortie shillinges." Poor of the parish of St. Faithes, 
"where I am a parishioner ... fortie shillinges." Brother and brothers 
children (not named). William Wright' "which was my master" eight 
poundes. Joan Burbie deceased, "late cozen," bequest to her children (not 
named). "my good frende John Warren a mourning cloak or ring," 

I Thomas Adams, five poundes. Edward Bishopp five poundes. Edmond 


Weaver five pounds. " lUm my will and mynde ys that yf my servaunt 
Nicholas Bourne' shall within three monthes next after my decease accepte 
and take so manie books of my owne printinge or the lyke in quiors after the 
rate of twelve shillings the Realme {sic) as shall amount to the some of fower 
hundred poundes . . . sorteablie thorough out all my warehouses as they 
shall arise And allso so manie other bookes in my Shopp at the Exchange 
and else where as shall amount to the value of one hundred poundes more 
after the rate and price following, that is to saie the priviledge books quiers 
and bindings at the price I paid for them. And the rest of the books at such 
price as fower indifferent men whereof Iwoe to be chosen by my wife and the 
other two by the said Nicholas shall value and appraise them. And do enter 
and become bounde to my wife by obligation or obligations with one or more 
suche sufficient suertie or suerties besides himselfe as my overseers shall 
accepte to paie the saide ffive hundred poundes for all the saide books in 
fourme following that ys to say, one hundred poundes thereof in hande and 
everie year after one hundreth pounds vntill all the saide some of five 
hundreth poundes shalbe fullie paide That then vppon such securitie given 
and taken by my saide wife, I will that not onlie the books aforesaide shalbe 
all well and safelie delivered unto the saide Nicholas but allso the Lease 
estate and tearme of yeres which I have to come of and in my said Shopp 
scituate in Comehill at or neere the Royall Exchaunge which lease I then 
freelie give and bequeath to the said Nicholas Bourne in consideration aswell 
of the takinge of the foresaide quantitie of books at the rate and prises afore- 
saide as allso in respect of his true and faithfull service donne vnto me." 
Executrix : Wife Elizabeth. 

Overseers : Thomas Adams, Edward Bisshopp and Edmond Weaver.' 
Witnesses : Thomas Middletonne, John Bill, Eleazar Edgar, Meiq,., John 
Warren, Scr. Ife. curiat. London. \^P.C.C. 76. Budlestom.'] 

The attestation clause of the witnesses is dated the 14th day of August, or ten 
days before the will was made. This is evidently an error. 

(1). William Wright carried on business al the Middle Shop in the Row adjoining 
St. Mildred's Church in the Poultry. 


(2). " Nicolas Bource sonne of Henry Bourne lale citizen and cordwa[i]ner of London 
deceased, hath putl himselfe an apprentice to Cutbert Burby, citiien and Slacioner of London 
for the temie of Seven yeres from the feast of th[e]anuncialion of our lady next [iSth March, 
1601]" {Arber's Trans^rifit, Vol. 11, p. 2S3)- Cuthberl Burby's copyr^hls were made 
over to bim by " Myslres Burbye" on the 16th October, 1609. This was the foundation 
of Bourne's trade. 

(3). All of these were stationers. 

GEORGE BISHOP (1569-1611.) 

"The Bell, Paul's Churchyard." 
Succeeded by Thomas Adams. 
Dated aolh February, 1607. Proved 28th January, i6{;. 
Testator to be buried in St. Faiths. 

Bequests : To Mary "my well beloved wief" a third part of his goods, lands 
in Melborne Stoke co Salop. Martha " my daughter nowe the wief of 
Thomas Detton gentleman," a third part of his goods. Poor of St. Faiths 
"tenne pounds." Felix Norton "late servant'" release of debts, John High- 
lord, " brother in law " and Isabell " his nowe wief " a gown. Mark Norton 
'■ brother in law " and his wife, a gown and ten pounds. Susan Bullock " my 
wives sister tenne pounds." Mr. Tripp parson of Sl Faith's a black gown. 
Thomas Adams " my kinsman and his wief "a black gown'. Edward Bishop 
"my kinsman and his wief" a black gown. "I give and bequeath unto Three- 
score poore men (whereof my desier is there shoulde be soe many free men of 
the saide Companie of Stacioners as shall have neede) to everie of them a clothe 
gowne." Elizabeth Walker "my wife's kinswoman fortie pounds." Henry 
Walker "her sonne tenne pounds." Gabriell Cawood "sonne of Gabriell 
Cawood my late brother in law deceased thirty poundes to be paide him at his 
age of one and twentie yeares." Elizabeth Norton, " my wife's sister's daughter 
tenne poundes." William Apsley " my late ser\-ant," five pounds and release 
of all debts.' Joseph Browne "my servant" five pounds; and William 
Arundell "my servant fortie shillings."' Residue to Mary wife and e 
Freehold lands in Melborne Stoke co Salop except two tenements called 
Newtons bequeathed to wife for life with reversion to daughter Martha and 
failing heirs to Christs Hospital, the rents and profit to be employed in the 


following manner. Sixty pounds per annum unto three scholars or students 
in divinity, the first three to be chosen by the governors, and the next 
three by the Master and Wardens of the Company of Stationers. Christ- 
church Oxford to be the college chosen, " in that John Bishop my late sonne 
and heire deceased was of that howse and lyeth there buryed" his own and his 
wifes kinsmen to have privilege of election. 

Another portion of this money was to be handed over to the company of 
Stationers to be lent out by them to young men free of the Company without 
interest The bequest to be voide in the event of negligence on the part of 
the Company to carry it out. The tenements called Newtons already leased 
to the Company of Stationers for five hundred years at a peppercorn rent 
out of which they were to pay six pounds per annum to poor young men of 
the Company and ten pounds a year to preachers at Pauls Cross. 
Witnesses : Edward White scrivenor, William Apsley, William Harsnett, 
servant unto the said scrivenor. 

Codicil dated November, 1610. "That in respect his cozen Thomas Adams 
hadd with his shopp a great deale of wares that came to a great somme of 
money which would be hard to him unles he should have the said dwelling 
howse of the said George Bishop after the decease of him and his wief That 
his will and mind was and he did give the Lease of his saide dwellinge howse 
vnto the said Thomas Adams after the decease of him the saide George 
Bishop and Mary his wief etc." 

Overseers : John Highlord, John Norton, and Thomas Adams. 
Witnesses: John Norton, Edward White scr. \P.C.C. 2. Wood.'] 

(1). Daughtei of John Cawood. 

{2). Son of his brother in la.w, Mark Norton, apprenliced for nine years in 1591. 

(3l. "Thomas Adams was ihe son of a Shropshire nian, and was apprenticed first in 
158Z to Oliver Wilkes but, a twelve month afterwards was turned over to George Bishop, 
and was younger Warden of the Company in i5io-It. The copyrights of George Bishop 
were transferred to him on the 14th March, 1611. Published from 1591 to 162a." — Arber's 
Transcript, Vol. Ill, p. 4S3. 

(4). Apprenticed Jlh February, 1588, made free tith April, 1597. Publishing from 
1598 to lte,a, 

(5). T^Mc two apprentices were not yet out of their time. 


JOHN NORTON (1590-1612). 
King's Printer in Latin, Greek and Hebrew. 
In partnership with Bonhum Norton at the Queen's Arms, St. Paul's Churcti^d, 

and at Eton, 1610. 

Dated aist May, 1612, Proved 1 

!th January, 161^. 
" I give and bequeathe the somme of One 

Bequests : To Joyce Norton w 
Hundred and fiftie poundes of iawfull money of England to be payde within 
one yeare next after my decease to the Person {i.e., parson] and churchwardens 
of the Parrishe churche of St. ffaithe vnder the cathedrall Churche of St. Paute 
in London, for the tyme beinge Whiche sayde Somme of one hundred and 
fiftie potindes I will and requier shall with all convenient speed after the 
receipt there of by the sayde Parson and Churchwardens be by ihem or 
theire Successors in theire best discreacons layed oute and disbursec to 
buye and purchase in ffee simple Landes, Tenementes or hereditaments 
or an Annuytye or Rentcharge of as greate an yerelie vatewe as for the 
sayde one hundred and fiftie poundes can or may convenientlie be purchased 
The yearlie Revenewes of w'^'' sayde Landes Tenements hereditaments or 
Rentcharge or annuytie I will shalbe yearelie and from tyme to tyme forever 
distributed to and among the poore of the Company of Stacioners and 
the poore of the sayde Parrishe of Saincte ffaithe (that is to saje everie 
Wensdaye weekelie to twelve Poore people whereof sixe to be free of the 
Companye of Stacioners and sixe to be Patrishoners of the Parrishe of 
St. ffaithes vnder Paules, one penny loafe and Twoe pence 1 
the vauntage loafe to the Clerke there). And my will is that one Sermon be 
preached in St. ffaithes Churche aforesaid vppon Ashewensdaye yerelye 
forever for the which the Preacher to have Tenn shilhngs, and the residue 
of monye that shall yerelie proceede or come of the said Revennewe I 
will shalbe bestowed vppon the Company of Stacioners of London at 
Stacioners hall in cakes wine and ale after or before the sermon vpon Ashe 
wensdaye. And I will and requier that the sayde twelve poore people 
be from tyme to tyme nominated and appoynted at and by the discre66n 
of the Master Wardens and assistaunts of the arte or Misterie of Stacioners 


of the Cillie of London and theire successors for the tyme beinge on the 
Wensdaye weekelie of and in everie yeare yearelie forever." " I give and 
bequeathe to the Master and Wardens and Assistants of the sayde arte or 
misterie of Stacioners of the saide Cittie of London, by what name soever 
they be incorporated the Somme of One Thousand Poundes ... for the 
purchase and buying of landes, etc. . , . the yerely rents ... [to be] 
converted and disposed in Loans aunswerable and agreeable proporcionably 
to a perpetuall devise or Legacye of Six poundes thirtene shillinges fower 
pence or thereabouts per annum conteyiied or mencioned in the last will and 
Testament of my unckle WilUam Norton deceassed ..." Poor children 
of Christ's Hospital fifty pounds and to prisoners in the prisons of London, 
five pounds a piece. Leonard the "eldest sonne of my brother Richard 
Norton deceased, one thousand pounds." Thomas Dallowe " brother in lawe 
tenne pounds." Edward Dallowe "brother in lawe" of Kingston, Twenty 
pounds. Anne Watmer and Johane Dallowe "sisters in law tenn poundes 
a peece." Jane Norton "cosyn ffiflie pounds to buye hir a diamond."' 
John Bill "sometyme my servaunte tenn pounds."' Anne Bill, "his wife 
tenn poundes." "Hem I give and bequeathe to Sara' my cosyn Bonham 
Nortons daughter, the sum of two hundred poundes ... to be payde vnto 
hir at the time of hir marriage. Item I give to Arthur, Roger, John, George 
and William sonnes of my sayde cosyn Bonham Norton, everie of them 
ffiftie pounds ... to my cosyn Bonham Nortons three youngest daughters 
each of them ffiftie poundes . . . And my will and mynde is . . , that 
yf it shall happen any of the sayde sonnes or daughters of my sayde cosyn 
Bonham Norton to dye . . . before the legacye or legacyes to him, her or 
them . . , bequeathed shall be payable . . . Then and in such case . . , 
not only the legacie or legacies of everie of the sayde fower last named 
younger Sonnes . . . shall go ... to and amongst the survivors . . . But 
also the legacie or legacies of everie of the sayde three daughters . . . shall 
goe ... to and amongst the survivors . . ." John Hoggetts "my Joumy- 
man twentye poundes." Residue to "cosyn" Bonham Norton, also appointed 
sole executor. 


The manor of Bottrells Aston co. Salop and aU other lands in that county 
he left to his wife Joyce with reversion to " cosyn " Bonhatn Norton, such 
reversion being subject to his paying the following legacies : Leonard the 
" eldest Sonne of brother Richard " one thousand pounds, the said Leonard to 
make a conveyance or release of all his rights to the said property to Bonbam 
Norton within four months of attaining his majority. Luce VVighte 
daughter of Thomas Wighie late citizen and drap of London, two hundred 
pounds. Thomas Wighte " sonne of the sayde Thomas, one hundred 
poundes," "I will ordain devise and requier by these piits that for and 
towardes the better increase of the Joynture to my sayde wief , . there 
shalbe paide vnto her yearelie for and duringe the terme of the nrSU lief of 
Fraunces Rea' oute of the benefitls and profBtts arisinge of or by the kings 
Maj" Ires patents for the ymprintinge and sellinge of Grammars one yearelie 
somme or payment of ffiftie poundes . . ." 

Overseers : Sir Roger Owen knight and Thomas Man stationer. 

Witnesses: Richard Wrighte notary, Ralph Wright, John Edwards and 
John Hynton servaunts to the said notary. [P.C.C. j. Cafie//.] 

(i). Afterwards in partnership with Richard Whitaker. 

(2). The wife of Bonham Norton, 

(3). "John Bill Sonne of Walter Bill late of Wenlock in the countie of Salop husbandman 
deceased, hath put himself apprentice to John Norton citizen and StacJonei of London for 
the terme of Eight yeres, from the feast of Saincl James th[e] Apostle last paste. [25th July, 
1592.]" — Arber's Transaift, Vol. 11, p. 182, John Bill obtained a share in the King's 
Printing ODice and was associated with Robert Barker the elder, and Bonham Norton in 
the maiu^ement of it. — See Tht Kii^s Printing House under the Sluarls {Library, 
October, 1901). 

[4). Married Christopher Barker, Ihe eldest son of Robert Barker. 

{5). Francis Gea was another Shropshire man who no doubt, through Che interest of the 
Nortoni and John Bill, obtained a position in the Company of Stationers. 


JOHN HARRISON the Eldest (1559-1617).' 
White Greyhound, St. Paul's Churehyard. 
[While ?] Greyhound, Palemosler Row. 

Dated 8lh January, 161 3. Proved nth February, i6i?. 
Testator dwelling in the parish of St. Michaell in the Querne. ' 
Buried in the parish church of St. Michaell in the Querne " where of I am 
and of longe tyrae have been a parrishioner and inhabitante," 
Beqi;ests : Goods divided into three parts in accordance with the custom of 
the city of London :— Julian " my . . . wife " a third part. ' Joseph Harrison, 
"my Sonne."' John Gubbins,' Mary Tirer, and Elizabeth Edwardes "my 
daughters " a third part to be equally divided. Remaining third part to pay the 
following legacies; Poor children of Christ's Hospital, "ffortie shillings." 
Poor of Bridewell, "ffortie shillings."' John Harrison, "my brother," three 
pounds.' Raphe Tirer, " sonne in law " and Mary his wife a like sum. Roger 
Edwardes, "sonne in lawe" and Elizabeth his wife, a like sum. Henry 
Bannister, "sonne in lawe" and Anne his wife a like sum. Thomas Man, 
brother in law, and his wife (not named} a like sum.' Mary the wife of " sonne" 
Joseph. Richard Harrison of Brembrough co Chester, twenty shillings. 
Elizabeth Batt cousin, late wife of Walter Batt, twenty shillings. "I give 
and bequeathe to and amongest the company of Stationers in London whereof 
I am a member for a remembrance of my loving affection towardes them the 
some of ffive poundes." Hester Gubbins daughter of Thomas Gubbins, 
"sonne in lawe" iive pounds. John Townley, "sonne in lawe," a ring. John 
Bankes, godson, a ring. Alice Cooke, cousin, twenty shillings, "and to 
everie of my householde servantes, dwelling with me at the time of my death 
tenne shillings " Residue divided between the children of " my sonnes in 
lawe Raphe Tirer, Thomas Gubbins and Thomas Hunte my daughter 
Elizabeth's late husband."" 

Real estate left as follows : — Joseph Harrison " sonne," " one shopp scituate in 
Paules churchyarde," premises in the Isle of grayne and Lewisham in the co 
of Kent, with reversion to his children, in default of such issue to his three 


daughters and their children, and in default to his brother John and his 
children. Mary the wife of Ralph Tirer, four houses in the town of 
Northampton and other property in the satne county, with reversion to son 
Joseph and his heirs. Elizabeth Edwardes wife of Roger Edwards two houses 
in Sippenham in the parish of Lewisham co Kent, one in the occupation of 
Robert Brookehouse and the other in that of George Tint, lately bought of 
Mr, Henly, with reversion to son Joseph, Johan Gubbins, wife of Thomas 
Gubbins a sum of twenty shillings annually out of the rents of one of the 
houses in Northampton and four pounds per annum from one of the houses 
in Sippenham. John Hunte "sonne of my daughter Elizabeth," copyhold 
messuage in Hounslow co Midd, In case of disputes arising the arbitrators 
were to be Thomas Man, John Harrison and Henry Banister. 
Executors : Julian Harrison wife, Roger Edwardes son in law. 
Supervisors and Overseers : John Harrison brother, and Raphe Tirer 
and Henry Banister sons in law. 
Witnesses : Thomas Titer, William Hopkins, Thomas Alcocke. 

\_P.C.C. 15. midon.'] 

(t). This stationer must have reached a great age at the time of his death. He was in 
butiness fifly-eight years, and allowing him to have set up for tiEmself at the early ^e of 
twenty, this would make him seveniy-cigbt when he died, and he was probably older. 

(2). Belter known as St. Michael ad Bladum, stood at the Noith.East end of Pater- 
noster Row. 

(3). See the will of Johan Wolfe, widow, in this series. 

(4). The will of Joha,n Wolfe, widow, mentions Reginald Harrison Sonne ofthesaide 
John Harrison, and he also had a son John, who died in 1604. 

(5). Probably this is the same with the "Johan Harrison daughter of the saidc John 
Harrison," also mentioned in the will of Johan Wolfe. 

(6). These and [he sum of live pounds given to the Stationers' Company, were the 
whole of John Harrison's charitable bequests. 

(7). Better known as John Harrisan the younger. He died in the following year. 
See his will in this series. 

(8). Thomas Man, stationer, pubUshed Ixom 1578 to 1624. Lived at the sign of the 
Talbot, in Paternoster Row. He was Master of the Stationers' Company in 1604, t6lo, 
1614, 1616. 

(9). A italioner of this name look up his freedom in 1614. (See Atber's Transcript, 
Vol. Ill, p. 684.) 


JOHN HARISON the Younger (1579-1617). 

Th« Golden Anchor, Pateniostei Row. 

Succeeded by son John. 

Dated loth June, 1616. Proved loth August, 1618, 

Bequests : John, Philip, Josias, Benjamin, sons, a silver spoon each. 
Johan Fuller widowe " my daughter" a silver spoon. Residue to wife Agnes, 

Overseers : John Lewes of Sundridge co. Kent, and John Modye of the 
Middle Temple gent, cousins. 

WiTKESSES : John Modye, Thomas Whitlache, Charles Adin, John Barker. 

IP.C.C. 82. Meade.2 

RICHARD FIELD (1588-1624). 
[A fellow Townsman of William Shakespeare and the printer of his first 
poem, Venus and Adonis.] 

Blackfriars. Splayed Eagle in St. Michael's parish near Wood Street. 

Succeeded by George Miller. 

Dated 24th November, 1624. Proved 14th December, 1624, 
Testator to be buried in parish church of St. Michael near Wood Street "in 
wch prishe I doe now dwell" 

Bequests ; " My will and mynde is that all and singular my goods chattells 
debts and psonall estate shalbe pted and devided into three equall partes 
accordinge to the auncient and laudable custome of the citie of London" 
Jane ' " my welbebved wife " one full third part. " my children such as are or 
shalbe borne," a third part. The remaining third part bequeathed as follows: — 
Poor of the parish of St. Michaell near Woodstreet three pounds. "To 
the Company of Stationers in London, whereof 1 am a member for a drinking 
for the livery of the said Company the someofTennpoundes." Ursula, "one 
of the daughters of my sister Margaret sixe poundes, thirteen shillings and 
four pence." Sara, " another of the daughters of my sister Margaret," a like 
amount. Manasses Vautrollier " fortie shillinges " ; James VautroUier' " fortie 


shillinges." George Miller' " twentye shillinges to make him a ringe." "I doe 
hereby fully and freely release vnto Manasses Vautrollier Andrewe Harris and 
John Ebson their executors and assignes all such debtes and somes of money 
whatsoever as they owe and are indebted unto rae." " The Splayed Eagle " 
situate in the said prishe of St, Michaell neare Wood Street ... I do give and 
bequeathe the same . . . vnto my sonne Richard Field etc," Two other 
messuages adjoining, left to wife Jane in trust for son Samuel. 
Executrix : Wife Jane. 

Witnesses : George Miller, the marke of Anne Snelling, Hum. Dyson Notary 
Publiq, and of me Ro. Dickens sgeant unto the said Notary, * 

{P.C.C. 107. Byrdt,'\ 

(i). Not Jaklin nor Jacqueline, which were ihe names the widow of T. Viulrnllier was 
known by. At the same time Jane may have been a contmclion. But it seems improbable 
that Vaulrollier's widow was alive at this date. How long she had been married lo her first 
husband there is nothing lo show, but limiting it to ten years, and allowing het to have been 
married at the ear]y age of Hfteen, this date would malie her between sixty and seventy 
years of age at the least. 

(2). Two of the sons of Thomas Vautrollier {?.p.). 

(3). "Geoige Myllet sonne of George Myller of Ketteringe in the county of 
Northampton Scbolemasler, hatbe putt bim selfe an apprentice 10 Richard (held Citizen and 
Slationei of London for the terme of seven yeres from Michaelmas next [19th Septemlier) 
1604." [Aibei's Transcript, Vol. II, p. zSi.] He was publishing from 1618 to 1640, 
perhaps later. 

(4)- This is the only will in this series enrolled on the Hustings Rolls of (be City 
of Loudon. 

JOHN BILL. King's Printer (1604-1630). 

Northumberland House, St. Martin's Lane. 

IIuQsdon House, Blacltfriars. 

Dated a4th April, 1630. Proved 12th May, 1630. 

Testator to be buried in the church of St. Ann's Blackfriers. 

Beqijests : " Vnto the poore of the parish of Much Wendlock in the countie 

of Salopp where I was borne, fiftene pounds to remaine and continue as a 

stocke for the poore of the said parish for ever." " To the poore pentioners 


of the Company of Siationers whereof I am a member, ten pounds." " To 
the master and wardens and others the Companie of Stationers, to be spent 
in a dinner, ten pounds." " To the Hal! of the Company of Stationers two 
peeces of plate of the value of twenty pounds, the same to bee bought and 
chosen by my executors." William Bill "my brother" ten pounds .... "vnto 
my brother William's wife, five pounds .... vnto every of my brother 
Williams children five pounds a peece." Fraunces Bill nephew "my brother 
Richard sonne twentie pounds." Meriell Leate, " my neece," five pounds ; 
Elizabeth Bill, "my neece," twentye pounds; Maudlyn Keiri "my neece," ten 
pounds. Anna Fisher, " my neece Maudlyn's daughter, five pounds." 
" Vnto my servant James Burrage for his good and trusty service twentie 
pounds. And I shall desire him to continue the same imployment in the 
printinge office which now he hath for the good of my children." Elizabeth 
Garrett, "my servant." "Vnto my loveinge freind Mr. William Garrett' 
to buy him a peece of plate tenn pounds, and I shall hartily desire 
him to continue the same imployment which now he hath for the good and 
benefitt of my children." " To every one of my Prentices when they have 
served their full tyme for my use, fortie shilHngs," Robert Graves and 
Grace his wife, for their care at Cane-wood {i.e., Caen Wood, near Highgate), 
fortie shillings apeece." Doctor Goulston ten pounds; Doctor Andrews "sixe 
pounds thirteene shillings fower pence." Steephen Barkham, "my loveinge 
friend," three pounds ; William Tully " my loveing friend," fortie shillings ; 
Doctor Mountford, "father in lawe," three pounds; Henry Franckline, "father 
in lawe and Cicill his wife fortie shillings a peece." Joane Mountford, "sister 
in lawe fortie shillings ; " Ann Lambe " my sister in lawe, fortie shillings ; " 
Cicell EUys, "sister in lawe fortie shillings ;" Mr. Joseph Fenton, "my good 
friend " three pounds ; Mr. Abraham Halsey, " my good friend " five pounds ; 
Richard Leate,"my cosin " five pounds ; Bonham Norton' five pounds; Robert 
Barker the elder five pounds' ; Doctor Gouch " if he preach at my funerall " 
five pounds ; Mrs. Elizabeth Wogan " fortie shillings " ; Doctor Mountford, 
" brother in lawe " ten pounds. William Austin, Esq'' " cosin " ten 
pounds. "Vnto ray loveinge friend Mr. Martin Lucas, for his care 


and direccon which he hath had in the settinge of my estate, and 
for that greate truste which 1 repose in him .... fiftie pounds."' Jane 
Bill " wife ... .all that parte of the house where I nowe dwell and all my 
other parte of my houses which I purchased with Mr. Bonliam Norton of 
Dame Elizabeth Berkeley scituate and beinge in the Blackfriers and St. 
Andrewes in the Wardrope. And also those two chambers now in my posses- 
sion which I hold by lease for divers yeares yet induringe with other roomes 
from one Cuthbert Burbage and others for soe longe tyrae as the said lease 
shall continue together with all the furniture .... she my said wife allowinge 
such roomes and chambers with their severall furnitures now used as shalhe 
ordered and appointed here after for that service soe longe as the said office 
shalbe kept where now it is ... .' " Vnto my said wife during her life one 
yeately rent or annuitie of three hundred pounds to bee issuing and goeinge 
out of the profitts of my parte of the kings printinge office and my land at 
Canewood within the parish of St. Panchras and countie of Middlesex." 
John Bill " my sonne " a third part. Charles Bill " my second sonne " a third 
part of goods etc. Henry Bill " my third sonne " five hundred pounds etc. 
Antia Bill " daughter " six hundred pounds etc. child unborn five hundred 
pounds. " vnto my sonne John Bill after the payment and discharge of such 
legacies as in this my last will are limited and appointed all my estate and 
tearme in my parte of the Kings printinge office." Residue to John Mountford 
Doctor in divinity, William Austin Esq and Martin Lucas Gent, who are 
nominated executors in trust for son John. 
OvBKSEERS 1 Richard Leate " cosin " and William Garrett. 
Witnesses : Theodor Gulston, Stephen Barkham, William Willson, William 
Garrat, James Boorrage. 

Codicil dated sih of May leaving reversion of bequest to son John to other 
sons, etc. etc. "Item I give and bequeath more to my loveinge wife Jane 
Bill, the three hundred and twentie pounds which I have in the English 
stocke with the company of Stationers." 
Witnesses; William Gough, William Garret. {^P.C.C. 44. Scroope.] 


(i). A stationer of this name was publishing between 1623 and 164a 

(2). Partner with Bill in the King's printing office between 1615 to 1619, and again 
between 1620 and 1629. 

(3). The King's Printer, partner with Bill between 1616 and 1617, and again between 
1629 and 163a 

(4). Martin Lncas and Robert Barker were fined £yx}\n 1632 for printing the "Wicked" 
Bible. As a matter of fact Martin Lncas was not a printer, and had nothing to do with the 
matter except as executor for John Bill. 

(5). See Library, New Series, Vol. II, p. 353 #/ s$q. The Kin^i Printing House 
under the Stuarts.'* 






BoBiDENS, John. 

P.C.C. 22. Blamyr. 


Lawnd, William, 

Comm. of London. 2p. Bennet. 


Taverner, John. 

P.C.C. II. Thmeer. (Abstract given in 

Arber-s Transcript, Vol. II, p. 8.) H 


Sedley, John. 

P.C.C. 2o. Thtncer. (Abstract given in ^| 
Arber's Transcript, Vol. II, p. 8.) ^1 


WiLMOTT, John. 

Comm. of London. 257. Tunstall. ^H 


Redman, Robert 

P.C.C. IS- Akngtr. (Abstract given in ^H 
Ames' Typographical Antiquities.) ^H 


Pepwell, Henry. 

P.C.C. 22 Alenger. (Abstract given in ^H 
Arber's Transcript, Vol. II, p. 9. See ^H 
also Bibliographica, Vol. I, p. 191.) ^H 

1 543 

GouGH, John. 

Comm. of London. 132. Story. ^H 


Gavor, James. 

Cotnm. of London. 184. Story. (See ^H 
LiSrary, New Series, Vol. 11, p. 384.) ^H 


MiDDLETON, William 

P.C.C 39. Alenger. (Abstract given in ^H 

Arber's Transcript, Vol. II, p. 9.) ^H 


Tabb, Henry. 

P.C.C. 27. Populuiell. ^^^^1 


Lawe, Thomas. 

Comm. of London. 211. Story. ^^^^^H 


Wayland, John. 

9. ^^^^H 


Hester, Andrew 

Comm. of London. 142. Harpesfield. ^^^^^^| 









DocKWRAY, or DocQUERAY, Thomas. P.C.C. 34. Chagnay, 

(Abstract given in Arber's Transcript^ 

LoBLEY, Michael. 
MiDDLETON, Henry. 
Cooke, William. 
Cooke, Anne, Widow. 
Conway, Henry. 
Jackson, Ralph. 
Aggas, £. 

Snodham, Thomas. 
Pavier, Thomas. 

Vol. I, p. xxxiv.) 
Camm. of London, 28g. Huick, 

Comm. of London, p, 104. 

P.C.Cn II. Lewyn, 

RC.C. 38, Lewyn. 

P. C. C. 72. Lewyn. 

PC.C. 55. Woodhall. 

P.C.C. 9. Clarke. 

P.C.C. 109. Clarke. 

P.CC. 19. Hele. 





1 50 1. AiTOLS, Sebastian, bookseller. 

1501. Coke, Christopher, stationer. 

1502. Lesquier, William, bookseller. 
iSi3» Castellam, George (? bookseller). 
1 5 14. Jacob, Henry, bookseller. 

1537. Hubbert, William, stationer. 

1537. PiLGROM, Garret, bookseller. 

1579. Clifton, Nicholas, stationer. 

1588. Archer, Humphrey, stationer. 

1591. FoxoN, Robert, stationer. 

1609. Harke, alias Gerbrand or Garbrand, Anne, Widow of 
Richard, bookseller. 

16 1 3. Crosselie, John, stationer. 

1620. Barnes, Joseph, stationer. 

1623. Pearce, Francis, stationer. 

1628. Pynnart, Dominic, stationer. 

E 2 




Bannister. Amie, 48. 

Henry, 48, 49. 

Abbolt, William, 4a 

Barbanson, John, 4. 

Barker, Christopher, Queen's Printer, 16. 

Abington, John, Clerk of Queen's Wgod 

Yard, n. 

Christopher, son of Robeil Barker, 47, 

AUUacts, Reason for giving, ii. 

John, 50. 

Adam, Richard, 10. 

Robert, King's Printer, 33, 47, 52, 53. 

Adams, Elizabeth, 23, 43. 

Barkham, Stephen, 52, 53. 

Michael, 38. 

Barnes, Joseph, stationer, Oiford, 57. ^^^^^ 
Basile, Magdalene, 27. ^^^^^^H 
Batt, Eli^lh, 4S. ^^^^H 

Thomas, 23, 41, 4a, 43, 44. 

Adin, Charles, 50. 

Areos, E.. 56. 

Bayly, John, 29, ^^^^^H 

Ailols, Sebastian, bookseller, Oxford, 57. 

Bedell, ' Maister.- Preacher, 17. ^^^^H 

Alcocke, Thomas, 49. 

Bedill, John. 1^1 Byddell, J., 4. ^^H 
Bedford, Thomas, 16. ^^H 

Alday, or Allde, John, 10. 

Aleyn, Thomas, pewlerer, 10. 

Berkeley, Elizabeth, 52. ^^1 

Allwaye, Alice, wi<Jow of A. Aliwaye, 38. 

BeitheleC, Anthony.youngerson of Thomas, ^^^U 

Anlhony, 38. 

Alphibetical List of Wills, vL 

Edwaid, son ofThomas, 11. ^^^^^^^| 

Andrewes, Robert, scrivener, 30, 

Margaret, wife of Thomas, tl. ^^^^^^^1 

Andrews, Dr., 52. 

Apsley, WUllam, 43, 44. 

Bigot. Sir Francis, 6. ^^^^^^^| 

Archer, Humphrey, stationer, Oxford, 57. 

Bill, Anne, daughter of John Bill, 53. ^^^^M 

A^all, Thomas, 9, 

Anne, wife of John Bill, 46. ^H 

Aiandell, WUliam, 43. 

— Charles, S3- ^M 

Assheley, — , 9- 

Elizabeth, 52. ^H 

Aslill, or Aslell. John, m 

Fraunces, son of Richard Bill, 52. ^^1 

Audley, Sir Thomas, 6. 

— Henry, S3- ^H 

AusUn, William, Esq., 52, 53- 

ane, wife of John Bill, 53. ^H 

Awdeky, Agnes, 23. 

Eliiabeth, daughter of John Awdeley, 

ohn, King's Printer, 33, 42, 46, 51. ^^M 

ohn, son of John Bill, S3- ^H 


ohn. son of Walter Bill. 47. ^H 

Elizabeth, wife of John Awdeley. 23. 

' Richard, 52. ^H 

Erasmus, 15. 

Walter, father of John Bill, 47. ^H 

Joan, 23. 

William, brother of John Bill, S^. ^H 

John, v!, 16, 23. 

Rachel, 23. 

Bing, Isaac, 37, 3S, 39. ^H 

Alice, sit Coldock, r., 38. ^H 

Sampson. 23. 

Bishop, Edward, 41, 42, 43. ^^M 

George, vi, 9, 15, 19, 35, 38, 43. ^H 


— Hester, 35. ^H 

John, 44. ^^^H 

Bande, Anthony, scrivener, 16. 

Mary, 43- ^^^^H 

Bankes. John. 48- 

Blanq, D. Le, notary, 18. ^^^^^^^M 



Blevin, Richard, 38. 

Boeidens, John, 55. 

Bolt, Thomas, 10. 

Bonde, Anthony, 13. 

Bonevall, Peter, 27. 

Bonfoy, Bastien, 27, 28. 

Bonham, Benjamm, brother of William, 14. 

John, 13, 14. 

William, vi, 8, 13, 14, 33. 

Bonier, Elizabeth, 35. 

Francis, 27, 35, 36. 

John, 35. 

Lucy, wife of F. Bonier, 35. 

Books, Privilege for printing, 40, 47. 

Sale of, 38. 

Valuation of, 4, 7, 13, 42. 

Boorage, James, su Burrage, 53. 
Bourne, Henry, 43. 

Nicholas, iv, 41, 42, 43. 

British Record Society, i. 
Broke, Thomas, the elder, 15. 
Brookehouse, Robert, 49. 
Browne, Joseph, 43. 

William, 17. 

Bryckman, Arnold, 7. 

John, 7. 

Bullock, Robert, 9. 

Susan, 43. 

Burbage, Cuthbert, 53. 
Burby, Cuthbert, iv, vi, 41, 43. 

Edward, son of C. Burby, 41. 

Elizabeth,' wife of C. Burby, 41, 42, 43. 

Joan, 41. 

Burie, Hester, 35. 

James, 35. 

Burrage, James, servant to John Bill, 52, 53. 
Burton, Simon, 37. 
Butler, John, 4. 
Byddell, John, 3, 4. 
Byrckman, su Bryckman. 

Calton, William, ' paynter stayner,* 12. 
Cambridge, University of, scholars of, 

bequest to, 31. 
Campion, Amye, 3. 

Joane, 3. 

William, 3. 

Canterbury, Prerogative Court of, i, ii. 
Castellam, George, bookseller (?) Oxford, 


Castoll, John, 36. 

Cawood, Barbara, daughter of J. Cawood,9. 

Edmund, son of J. Cawood, 9. 

Gabriell, son of f. Cawood, 9, 22. 

Gabriell, son of Gabriell Cawood, 43. 

Isabel, daughter of J. Cawood. 
Tohn, iii, 8, 9, 12, 13, 16. 
[ohn, child of, mentioned, 9. 
[ohn, daughter of, mentioned, 44. 

John, wife of, mentioned, 8. 
John, son of John Cawood, 9. 

Mary, daughter of J. Cawood, 9. 

Susannah, daughter of J. Cawood, 9. 

Caxton, William, iii, i. 

Chambre, John, 9. 
Chambers, Leonard, 17. 

William, 17, 21. 

Champernowne, Richard, 34. 
Chevalier, Axon, 35. 
Chidley, Robert, 3. 
Chillome, Christopher, 3. 

Christ Church, Oxford, bequest to, 44. 
Christ's Hospital, bequest to, ii, 31, 32, 

43, 46, 48. 
Clayton, Johan, 21. 

Cliilon, Nicholas, stationer, Oxford, 57. 
Clownes, Sara, 35. 

Coke, Christopher, stationer, Oxford, 57. 
Coldock, Alice, wife of F. Coldock, 36. 

Francis, vi, 18, 22, 36, 38, 39. 

Isabell, 38. 

{oane, or Johanne, 39. 
ohn, son of Peter Coldock, 37. 

Peter, 36, 37, 38. 

Cole, Thomas, 10. 

Collins, Richard, scrivener, 17, 22, 24. 
Colman, Phillippe, 14. 
Coltie, Edward, 38. 

Myles, 37, 38. 

Colwell, Richard, 32. 

Commissary of London, Wills in the, ii. 
Conway, Henry, 56. 
Cooke, Alice, 48. 

Anne, widow, 56. 

Doctor, Bequest to, 9. 

John, 16. 

* Mistress,' 29. 

Thomas, 4. 

WUUam, 56. 

Copland, Robert, 4. 

Copper Plates, bequeathed by Thomas 
Vautrollier, 27. 

CostoD, Mistress, 22. 

Cowper, Alice, ii. 

Nicholas, 34. 

Cranmet, Thomas, Archbishop of CanI 

Cressey, Ralph, 5, 6. 
Cromwell, Thomas, J, 6. 
Ciooke, Samuel, 38. 

Thomas, 38. 

Crosbie, Snrah, 38. 

Crosselie, John, stationer, Oxford, 57. 
Curion, Walter, 33. 

Dallowe, Edward, 46. 

Johanne, 46. 

Thomas, 46. 

Dane, WUliam, 12. 
Darby, Robert, 4- 

Davyes, Edward, 'cowpet,' 32. 

Dawson, Richard, 3. 

Day, John, iii, 40. 

Deiton, Martha, daughter of G. Bishop, 43. 

Thomas, 43, 

De Worde, Wynkyn, i« Wynkyn dc Worde 

Dextet, Alice, widow, 37. 

Ann. 37. 

Dorothy, 37. 

Eliiabeth, wife of R. Dexter, 37. 

Nicholas, brother of R. Dexter, 37, 38. 

Robert, vi, 37,38. 

Dickens, Robert, 51. 
Diricke, Hercules, 4. 
Dixon, Nicholas, 9. 

Dockwray, or Docqueray, Thomas, 7, 56. 

Doctors' Commons, Records of, i. 

Dodmor, Brian, 13. 

DoUins, John, 35- 

Doolman, Johanne, 15. 

Donrige, Peter, 27. 

Draper, Sara, 22, 29. 

Drapers, Company of, bequest to, 29. 

Dutch Congregalion, bequest to, 35. 

Duthill, James, 27. 

Dyson, Humphrey, notary, 51. 

Ebbe, Sir Thomas, curate oi St. Faith's, 
Ebson, John, 51. 

Edgar, Eleaiar, 42. 

Edwards, Eliiabelh, dauRhtet of John 
Harrison the Eldest, 48, 49- 

John. 47. 

Roger, 48. 

Egerton, Stephen, 3B. 

Elizabeth, Queen of England, loan to, 39. 

Ellys, Cicell. 52. 

Farrer, Thomas, 40. 
Fenton, Joseph, 52. 
Field, Jane, wife of R. Field, 50, 51. 

Richard, n, 50. 

Richard, sou of Richard Field, 51. 

- Samuel, son of Richard Field, S'- _ 
Fisher, Anna, daughter of Maudlyn Kem, 

Flaskelt, Grace, daughter of Thomas 
Flasket, 25, 29. 

Thomas, Son in Law of John Wight, 

29. i'^- 

Foxe (J.) Book of Martyrs, 40- 
Foxon, Robert, Stationer, Oxford, 57. 
Franckline, Henry, 52. 
Fraunce, William, 10. 
French Congregation, bequest to, 35. 
Freburne, Edward, 14. 
Fryer, Robert, 10. 

Fuller. Johan, daughter of John Harrison 
the younger, 50. 

Gaver, James 

Worde, 3, 4. 55' 
Glamoyle, Robert, 14. 
Godfrey, Oliver, 32, 
Goodman, John, 9. 
Goodwin, Robert, 35. 
' Gostwick's Wife,' 29, 
Gouch, Dr., 52. 
Gough, John, 4, 6, 55- 

William, 53. 

Goulston, Dr., 52. 



Gou^h, John, see Gough, J. 

Granon, Richard, iii, 12, 14. 

Graves, Robert, 52. 

Greston, Lucy, 9. 

Griffiths, Rev. John, Index to the wilb at 

Oxford, ii. 
Groll, sister of Astanius De Reinahne, 35. 
Gubbins, Hester, daughter of Thomas 

Gubbins, 48. 
John or Johan, daughter of John 

Harrison, 48, 49. 

Thomas, 48. 

Gulston, Theodor, 53. 


Hales, Richard, 35. 
Halsey, Abraham, 52. 
Hammond, Henry, 26. 

Thomas, scholar in Oxford, 26. 

Hansealic League, i. 

Harke, alias Gerbrand or Garbrand, Anne, 
widow of Richard, bookseller, Oxford, 

Harris, Andrew, 51. 

Roger, notary, 38. 

Harrison, Agnes, wile of John Harrison 
the younger, 50. 

Anne, daughter of John Harrison the 

eldest, 21. 

Benjamin, son of John Harrison the 

younger, 50. 

Helen, 14. 

Johan, daughter of J. Harrison the 

eldest, 21, 49. 

John, die eldest, vi, 22, 48, 49. 

John, son of John Harrison the 

eldest, 49. 

John, the younger, vi, 48, 49, 50. 

John, son of John Harrison the 

younger, 50. 
Joseph, son of John Harrison the 

eldest, 48, 49. 
Josias, son of John Harrison the 

younger, 50. 
Julian, wife of John Harrison the 

eldest, 48, 49. 

Luke, IS, 19, 21, 22. 

Mary, wife of John Harrison, 21. 

Mary, wife of Joseph Harrison, 48. 

Phillip, son of John Harrison the 

younger, 50. 

Harrison, Rc|;inald, son of John Harrison 
the eldest, 21, 49. 

Richard, 48. 

Sara, 21. 

Thomas, 22. 

Harsnett, William, 44. 
Harvye, — , 40. 
Hawley, Edmund, la 
Hawtrey, William, 34. 
Henly of Kent, 15. 

Mr., 49. 

Henry VIII, King of England, nominated 

executor to will of J. Rastell, 5. 
Henson, Francis, 35. 

Marie, 35. 

Henton, Richarde, 22. 
Herbert, Rev. William, i. 
Hester, Andrew, will of, iii, 7, 55. 
Hewet, Alice, 31. 

Heyes, Thomas, 37. 
Heywood, Richard, 12. 
Highlord, Joha, 43, 44. 

Isabell, 43. 

Hill, John, 38. 
Hind, Thomas, 12. 
Hinde, Agnes, 29. 
Hodgetts, John, 33. 
Hoggetts, John, 46. 
Holder, ' Mistress,' 22. 

Robert, 6, 7, 8, 9. 

Holinshed, Raphael, 19, 2a 

his * Chronicle,' iv, 22. 

Holland, Henry, preacher, 38. 

Mistress, widow, 38. 

Holward, Thomas, 6. 
Hopkins, William, 49. 
Howell, Ralph, iL 

Hubbert, William, stationer, Oxford, 57. 
Hulsone, John, 12. 
Hunn, Johan, 21. 
John, 19, 20, 21. 

Reginald, 22. 

Susan, 20. 

Hunt, John, bequest to, 10. 

Roger, 9. 

Hunte, John, 49. 

Thomas, 48. 

Hustings, Court of. Calendar to Wills in, 

1, u. 
Hutchinson, Jerom, 15. 
Hybblthwaite, — , 9. 
Hynton, — , 47. 

tHDSX. 6% 


Kilson, Mary, wife of Anthony, 25. 

Thomas, son of Anthony, z%. 


Knight, Oliver, 9. 

Ivie, RDbe.t, 23. 

— Robert of Bromley, 9. 

Kyd, Agnes, 37. 


Francis, 37. 

Kydd, ' Mistress,' 9- 

Jackson, Ralph, 30, 33, 56. 

Kytson, nt Kilson. 

— Roger, 40. 

Jacob, Henry, bookseller, Oxford, 57, 


Johnson, Arthur, g. 

Lambe, Ann, 52. 

Basele, 15. 

Lanne, Gedeon de, 36. 

Peier, 9. 

Lant, Richard. 10, 11. 

Robert, 9. 

Lathbroke, Thomas, 14. 

Jones, William, zS. 

Laundesdale, — , 9- 

Jonseed, Mt., 39. 

Laurel, Gyles, bookbinder, 8. 

JudsoD, Alice, wife of John Judson, z8. 

La we, Thomas, 55. 

John, vi., 28. 

Lawnd, William, 55. 

Richard, 28. 

Layfield, Edward, 24. 

Thomas, ^%. 

Lea, Edward, 3s, 36. 

Ju^e Anne, 24. 

Leate, Meriell, 52. 

ohn, 24, 

Robert, 52, 53. ^m 

Johan, 24, 

Richard, vi, 9, 12, 13, 16, 24- 

Leeke, Thomas, 28, 29. ^H 
— William, 37. ■ 

Juxon, William, Bishop of London, 23. 

Lesquier, William, bookseller, Oxford, 57. ^H 

Lewes, Fiaunces, 9. ^H 


Joanne, 9, ^H 

John, Procurator to Court of Arches, ^H 

Kele, John, 10, 11. 

7.8,9,15,50. ^H 

Judith, 10. 

WillUm, 9. ^1 

Ma^aret, 10, 

Literary Search Department, Somerset ^^| 

Richard, vi, 9- 

House, i. ^H 

Richard, uncle of Richard Kele, 10. 

Lobley, Michaei, 56. ^H 

William, 10. 

Lochaide, Owen, 35. ^^H 

Kelly, William, 18. 

Zeth, 35. ^^^^M 

Kelsick, Mr., Overseer to will oi John 

London, City of. Custom of, iii, 27. ^^^^^^H 

Lord Chancellor, 5. ^^^^^H 

Kcm, Maudlyn, 52. 

Lucas, Martin, 53, 54. ^^^^^^^| 

Kevall, George, 18. 

Ludfbrd, Simon, physician, 10. ^^^^^^^1 

4. ^^^^^H 

Margaret, 18. 


Kindesly, William, 34- 

Maas, Robert, 4. ^^^^^^H 

King, John. 12. 

Man, Thomas, 38, 47, 4^, 49. ^^^^H 

Kitson, Abraham, son of Anthony, 25- 


Agnes, daughter of Anthony, 85. 

Martyrs, Book of, 40. ^^^^^H 

Ann, daughter of Anthony, 25. 

Marrie, Adrian, 35. ^^^^^^^1 

Anthony, vi, 23, 25. 

Mason, Thomas, 38, ^^^^^^^1 

John, son of Anthony, 25. 

Mayatt, Robert, 14. ^^^^^^^1 

Margaret, first wife of Anthony, 25. 

^^B ^^l^^^^^^l 

Norton, Jouiet»;ohaiie,wlfeofW.Nartoa, ^H 

^^^H Middleton, Heniy, 56. 

>3. ^H 

^^^M Thomas, 42. 

John, King's Printer, vi, 33, 3s, 44. ^H 

^^T — William, 55- 

Johii, son of B. Norton, 46. ^H 

^~ Miller, George, 50, 51. 

■ Geo^c, son of George MUler, Si- 

John, son of Edward Norton, 31. ^H 

Mills, LeoDaid, 2$, 30. 

Joyce, wife of J. NorloQ. King's ^H 

Martha. 30. 

Printer, 45, 47. ^H 

Modye, John, 50. 

Leonard, son of R. Norton, 46, 47. ^^^| 

More, Sit Thomas, 6. 

Margaret, 14, 15. ^H 

Mart, 9, to, 43. ^H 

Morler, Roberl, 40. 

Morris, Mare, 38. 
Mountford, foene. SS. 

John, fa.D., 52, 53. 

Munclc, Levin de, 36. 

Richard, brother of WiUiam Norton, ^M 


Richard, son of R. Norton. 31. ^^H 

Roger, son of B. Norton, 46. ^H 

Myles. Thomas. 10. 

Sara, daughter of B. Norton, 46. ^M 

— Thomas, author of ' Gorboduc,' Ij. ^H 


Thomas, son of B. Norton, 31. _^H 

William, vi. ,3, .4, 17, 24, 30, 46- ^M 

Napirius, Office of, 34. 
Nevesiin, Eli^beth, 20. 

William.sonofB. Norton, 3>.4& ^H 

Nowell, Bookbinder, 4, 8. ^^H 

Nowseley, John, S. ^H 

Stephen, 20, 22. 

Nuberry, r« Newbery. ^^M 

Newbery, Beairix, daughter of Rbi. 

Newbury, 4a 


Eliiabeth, wife of Ralph Newbery, 


Ode, Richard, 15. ^^M 

Francis, son of Ralph Newbery, 

Orphans, Court of, ^^^^^^^M 

z6, 39. 

CrifBn (?) brother of Ralph Newbery, 

Ovcry, Thomas, 39. ^^^^^^M 


Owen, David, 2. ^^^^^^^H 

Henry. Junr., 40. 

— Sir Roger, 47. ^^^^H 

John, cousin to Ralph Newbery, 

Sir Thomas, 33. ^^H 


Oxford, Edward, Earl of, 34. ^^H 

— Ralph, vi, 26, 39. 

— Scholars of, bequest to, 31, 44. ^^H 

Robert, brother of Ralph, 39, 40. 

Robert, son of Robert, 40. 

Inden to wills, u. ^^M 

Symon, son of Robert, 40. 

Thomas, elder brother of Ralph, 39. 


Nightingale, John, 40. 

Palmer, Andrew, 17. ^^^| 

Norcott, John, 40- 

' Peter, 33, 34- ^^1 

Margate, John, 40. 

Pavier, Thomas, 56. ^^M 

Norton, Arthur, son of B. Norton, 46. 

Payne, John, 12. ^M 

BoDham, son of W. Norton, 14. 30, 

Margery, wife of R. Payne, formerly ^^H,47, 52,53- 

wife of T. Berthelet, 12. ^M 

Edward, brother of W. Norton, 31. 

Richard, 12. ^H 

EliTabeth, 43- 

— William, 39. ^H 

Felix, son of Mark Norton, 43, 44. 

Pearce, Francis, slationer, Oxford, 57. ^^H 

George, son of B. Norton, 46. 

Pelgrim, Judocus, 2. ^^^| 

George, brotherofW.Norton, 31, 33. 

Pepwell, Arthur, vi, 15, 16, 17. ^^M 

Jane, wife of B. Norton, 46, 47. 

Henry, 4, 16, SS- ^^M 


nnmx. cs 

Pepwell, Hnmfrie, ij, l6. 

Rigthome, Magdalene, 10. 

Johane, 16, 17. 

Rime, James, 35. 

Peregrim, see Pelgrim. 

Roberts, James, 33- 

Petilt, Jean, r. 

Robottom, Mary, 17. 

John, 1, 12. 

Rowbotham, James, 17. 

Pilgrom, Garret, bookseller, Osford, 57. 

Rue or Rewe, Andrew, vi, 2. 

Pisler, Dorothy, 26. 

Andrew, brother of J. Rue, i. 

Robert, 39. 

Joanne, 2. 

John, vi, r, 2. 

Polan, Rauf, 2. 

Kalherine, 2. 

Kalherine, sisler of Andrew, 2. 

danghler of F. Coldock, 36, 37, 39. 

— William, vi, 36, 37, 38, 39- 


Powell, Thomas, 11, iz. 

Pownsabie, sa Ponsonby, 

Salvoine, Martha, 11. 

Preston, Michael, 29. 

Sands, Melone, 34. 

Thomas, 29. 

Sajagold, Parson of St. Mildred in the 

Printing Press, bequest by T. VaulroUier 

Poultry, 41. 

of a, 27. 

Saunders, Matthew, 3, 

Saundetson, Richard, 18. 

Pynnart, Dominic, stationer, Oxford, 57. 

Savage, Alice, 13. 

Pynson, Joane, 5. 
Richard, vi, 3, 

-- — - Richard, 14. 

Scampion, Edmund, 13. ^^^^^^ 



Barlholomew, 15. ^^^^^^H 

Edward, 15. ^^^^H 

Quesie, John de, 36. 

Scoltes, John, ' homer,' 40. ^^^^^^H 

Peter de, 35. 

Scrivener, Peter, 3S, ^^H 

Sediey, John, stationer, will of, ii, 55. ^H 


Seres, William, 40. ^H 

Sevyon, Hubatd, iS. ^^H 

Rastell, Elizabeth, 5. 

Sharpe, Dr. Reginald, Calendar to Wills ^^| 

— — ohn, iii, vi, 5. 

of'Freemen, i,''>i. ^H 

ohn, son of J. Rastell, 5. 

one, 5- 

.Shawe, John, 28, 29. ^^H 

Shepperd, or Sheppard, John, 19, 20, 23. ^^^| 

Richard, 25- 

Shone, Samuel, 29. ^^H 

— WilHam, son of J. Rastell, 5, 6. 

Shutland, Edward, 38. ^^^^^H 

Rea, Francis, his Privilege referred to, 47. 

Mariha, 37, ^^^^^1 

Reade, Richard, 24, 

Thomas, 37. 38- ^^^^H 

Redman, Robert, 3, 55. 

Simpson, Mary, 23. ^^^^^^^^^H 

' Reinalme, AscaaJus de, vi, 27, 35. 

Sioison, John, 23. ^^^^^H 

Elizabeth, 36. 

Skynner, Prudence, ^^^^^H 

Jonas, 35. 

John, 28. ^^^^H 

Rcnys, John, 2. 

Alice, 29. ^^^^^H 

Reynes, John, iv, vi, 2, 6, 8, 9. 

Smitbe, Anthony, 13. ^^^^^^^H 

Lucy, widow of J. Reynes, iii, vi, 6, 

7> 8, 17. 

Smythe, Johan, 6. ^^^^^H 

— John, ^^^^H 

Richardson, Richard, 8. 

WUliaro, 10. 

Snelliog, Anne, ^^^^^H 

1 Richmond, Duchess of, 12. 

Snodham, Thomas, 56. ^^^^^H 

Ridge, Edward, 12. 

Snowe, John, 3. ^^^^^^^1 

Right, Robert, 23. 




Spencer, Robert, 33. 

Spicer, Sir Thomas, 2. 

Somerset House, Literary Search Depart- 
ment, L 

Stationers, Company of, bequests to, 7, 8, 
10, 13, 16, 18, 29, 31, 32, 35, 38, 4i» 

43. 45. 48, SO. 52- 
Stevenson, Julian, 17. 

Stone, Mr., 39. 

Stonyver, John, 4a 

Marma, 4a 

Stow, John, 23. 

Strange, ' Mistress,' 29. 

Studd, John, 4. 

Sutton, Edrard, 6, 7, 8, 9. 

Faith, 9. 

Symbola Htroica : a book of pictures, 27. 

Sjrmons, Elizabeth, 24. 

Tabb, Henry, 8, 55. 

Taillour, Johanna, 15. 

Talkam, < Mistress,' 9. 

Tavemer, John, 55. 

Taylor, William, 17. 

Temple, * MisUess,' 38. 

* Thamesius,' daughter of John Waley, 26. 

' Theater of the Good Enigmas * . . . . a 

book of pictures, 27. 
Thomas, John, 26. 

Martha, 39. 

Thompson, Dennys, 38. 
Tidder, Agnes, 4. 
Tiler, Thomas, 49. 
Tint, George, 49. 

Tirer, Mary, daughter of J. Harrison the 
eldest, 48, 49. 

Raphe, 48, 49. 

Tottell, Richard, iii, vi, 33. 

William, son of R. Tottell, 34, 35. 

Toumer, John, 4. 

Town, Humphrey, curate, 4. 

Townley, John, 48. 

Toye, Elizabeth, daughter of H. Toye, 15. 

Elizabeth, wife of R. Toye, lii, vi, 

12, 13, 15. 17. 

Humphrey, son of R. Toye, 12, 15, 

16, 17. 

Humphrey, brother of R. Toye, 13, 1 5. 

Johanne, daughter of H. Toye, son 

of R. Toye, 15. 

Toye, Robarte, son of H. Toye, vosl oi R. 
Toye, 15. 

Robert, vi, i, 10, 12, 17. 

Rose, 12. 

Tripp, parson of St Faith's, 43. 

Henry, 39. 

Tull, John, 10. 
TuUy, William, 52. 
Turner, John, 6. 
Tye, Mary, 38. 


Uby, Thomas, 23. 
Upton, ' Mistress,' 22. 

Vanderbergh, — , 35. 

Vautrollier, Anthonette, sister of S. 
Vautrollier, 27. 

Claude, brother of T. Vautrollier, 27. 

Jacqueline, or Jaklin, wife of T. Vau- 
trollier, 27, 51. 

James, brother of T. Vautrollier, 27. 

James, son of T. Vautrollier, 50. 

Manesse, son of T. Vautrollier, 27, 

50, 51. 

Phillibert, nephew of T. Vautrollier, 


Simeon, son of T. Vautrollier, 27. 

Thomas, iv, vi, 27, 51. 

Thomas, Printing Press bequeathed 

by, 27. 
Veale, Abraham, draper and stationer, 25, 

26, 30. 
Vernon, Richard, 23. 


Waley or Walley, Agnes, wife of J. Waley, 

Henry, grandson of J. Waley, 26. 

John, vi, 13, 26. 

Mary, 26. 

Robert, son of J. Waley, 26. 

Walker, Elizabeth, 43. 

Henry, 43. 

Margaret, 16. 

Wallis, Thomas, 2. 
Walton, Izabell, 36. 
Wanseford, Frederick, 2. 

Wanseford, Gerard, vi, 2. 

Warde, formerly Campion, Matgarel, 3. 
Warmington, Robert, 9. 
Warren, John, 41, 42. 
Warwick, Anne, Countess of, 35. 
Waterson, Richard, 2, 37, 38. 

Simon, son of R. Waterson, 37, 39. 

Watkins, Richard, 18, 24, 32. 
Watmer, Anne, 46. 

Watles, Edmond, 33. 
WayUrid, John, will of, iii, 55. 
Weaver, Edmond, 41, 42. 
Wekes, John, II. 
Wetherell, John, 10. 
Westminster, Printer at, i. 
Weywik, Meyner, a. 
Whea thill, Robert, 25. 
WhitakEr. Richard, 45. 
Whitchnrch, Edward, vi, 14, 15. 

Edward, son of E. Whitchurch, 14. 

Eliiabelh, 14. 

Margaret, 14, 15. 

White, Edward, 44. 

William, 44. 

Whillache, Thomas, 50. 

Whytyng, John, Muster of the College of 

Lenum (Lynn}, 2. 
Wight, Gabnell, son of Thomas Wight, 30. 

Jocosa, widow of Thomas Wight, 30. 

John, draper and stationer, vi, 24, 

25, 29- 

r of John Wight, 

John, son of Henry Wilson, 29. 

Mr.. 25. 

Thomas, 5. 

Wislyn, John, 4. 
Withers, Richard, 3. 
Woodall, Thomas, 13, 16. 
Wogan, Mrs. Eliiabeth, 52. 
Wolfe, Garret, 21. 

Henry, son of Reyner Wolfe, zo, 22. 

Joan, widow of Reyner Wolfe, iii, iv, 

vi, 19, 20, 22, 37, 49. 

Reyner, Reignald, or Reginald, vi, 9, 

13, 17, 19, 20, 22, 23, 37. 

Robert, son of Reyner Wolfe, 19, 20, 

Woodcocii, liugh, 18. 

T., 9. 

Woodcuts bequeathed by T, VautroUier, a?. 
Worde, Wynkyn de, see Wynkyn de 

Worde. J, 
Wouters, John, ' the ducbe man,' 30. 
Wright, c5hristopher, 38. 

Edward, 6, 7. 

Ralph, 47- 

Richard, Scrivenor, 33, 47. 

William, 41, 42. 

Wyalte, Helleyne, 15. 

Wynkyn de Worde, J., vi, I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 

Thomas, 30. 

— — Thomas, son of Thomas Wight, 30. 
Wilkes, Oliver, 44. 
Williams, Richard, 35, 36. 
Willsoa, William, 53. 

yile, Edward, 5, 8. 

John, 8. 

Thomas, 8. 

Young, William, 30, 33, 37- 


K. Cc^Ck^ J- Twrrt P. Xarvcx^ X. 
Tif«.fa-^ 1. Aiv^s^ V- &zsa£. T. Goo- 

Ploasc R. Proont. X ■ <■ Fw^M^tdJm- 

Robcn Wjpo, PdoacT aad 
paper lead bdne tte _ 

Soeioy, Jaacwy =t^ liaS- B^ Hcmj 

1897. pp.«a. 13^3 
A Clarified TatSci to llie Saspann. B7 
R-Prooor- /*•*«-■ /Vi>l<efc, Sbtem- 

Aa lodes to Dibdia'i E^^tioo «f tbe T^po- 
gnpbkal AittnitfB fba cowpfled bf 
Joseph Anefc wHb some refereooes to tfac 
mienBedtUE tiT*i*»* faf WSInm Heibert. 
Pfinted fram « cspf io the Lifamr of Sioo 
CoOege. Lamiam: PriiOei^ ttc^ Decem- 
ber, 1899. [3^ ei£J 

A list of En^ih PUfs, wiiaen befan t&t3, 
and ptinied before 1700. By W. W. &^ 
/^Jiim: PHnStd, flSi^ Mairii. 1900, for 
1899. H>- ». »58- £5*-] 

A List of Masques, Rageanis, etc Supple- 
ttiemaiy to x List of English Flays. By 
Walter ttUsoo Greg. Itmdom - Printed, tti., 
February, 190a for 1901. pp. xi, 35, 


\rge4t0. Brvwnwrapffrs. Mbstfy printed 
at the Clutwiik /Vew.] 

-Etbard Ratdolt and his work at Venice. 
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A foui-pigeSupplemenl, wilhan addilion^I illus- 
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Keptinled Decoaber, 1899. [101. td.\ 

f iJieSM VL—^ymk «Mi Doaboqeh, Prnceru AoMrerpi 
~ A3 cs^ in tftteop ai ib y . By Robm 

^nODC lami m ^ Pfim md . . , ^ Hk Ckis~ ^ 
asK* Ava. DecoBbcx. 1S94. ] 

CO- — An l o o tagaii tCTcC Dor O'j'u.^.i; 
1S9C % H. & Adibor. r 
Primitd ^ At A^ki*. 

Ommmm. "M ■ Hie w Hh ovavkn, a 
>?«ite kii^ -B BEacd to McmWci ^i^ri^ 

n'.— The EaHy Printers o* Spain and Por- 
tt^aL By Koorad Hadilcr. U^i*m. 
Frimud .., a/tit C^iswtdt />wt. Much, 
1S9;. for 1S96L, pp. 166. [16J.] 

V-— Tbe Chevalier Dfiib^ri. By Olivier 
la Marcbc The ilhtSDaiiofa of the 
of ScfaJcdam reproduced wiih a pndKX b 
F. L^^pmaon, and a reprint oT the tcxCI 
ZMMtw.- PHutd .. . at tie aUmifi PrrssM 
Febroary, 189S, for 1S97. pp. xx, 46,1 
[lor. 6dJ} 

VI. — ^The First Paris Pnss. An account of I 
the bocAs primed for G. Fitchcl and J.f 
Heynlin in the Sorbonnc, 1470-1471. "-■ 

A Oaudtn. lamdtm .■ Printed . . . ml . 

Ckirttici Prtss, February, 1898, for iSg?!] 
pp. vi, 100. [lOf, C«/.} 

'V\\. — Antoinc ^"lJ^aId. By John Macfarlane. 
Ltmdon : Printtd tin Chiaeuk Ptvjs, 
September, 1900^ for 1S99, [lot.J 

\11I-— The Printing of Greek in (he Fifteenth I 
Century. By Robert Promor. J^'nt»dfof't 
the PM'egraphieal S^-ifly, at the O^ipyr^ 
University Pnss, litxemhcr, x^oo. [ifu.] ! 

IX. — A Rook bound for Maiy Queen of Scots, 1 
being a description of the binding of a (.'op^l 
of the Geographia of Ploleiny printed at I 
Rome, 1490, with notes o( other bookl] 
bearing Queen Mate's insignia. Hy Gm 
F. Darwicit. l^ndon; I'rinftdfprtMt tiitf^M 
graphical Society, at the Ckiitmh J*ttu \ 
June, igoi. [loj. W.] 






t>KS prailcri by tbc BibiKiff3[a>'.. 
I nc« members rruj purcfij 
9 who lave lost at dumited aor ul i.^.i .^^.i- . ^.i ' . 
■ mined. R« where >n asteruk is prefiaed, the boob oa w.' 
I cue can more than one dophcate oopf of axxj book, be inp; 
3 lo thtt condnton [lorchav; for pregwation u aba allovni. i 
E right of rcfiMRlg anj applicatiaii, widioiM neceavanK i 

>« nipptaed lo its c 

of pKnoQS VKBTI 

> at ibe' 
-ij^ and 

iiur.cil I 

[Tempoiary tide.] Hand-I^nu of !„,„„ 
I'HmeTs. 1501-15561 Parts I-lTl, iSqe-I 

» hat« i1h> twcD 

l»i t,r p 


> £^ ■■tbnn, aori, m tbc ok' ot Mt. 
I " kDla fo* Covniy BiUiopifihkx," hw 

•or llkr AV*9 5i«^i— CTcnriUni; of tBi«ial 
ch (1 reiBiWpl m llw Trtmattum — an 

. 4io. Orey wrappers. J'rinled h 

■iwciionii of tliL- BiblJogntpbical Society. 
pol*. 1-VJI. I^ndon: PrmUd /or ikr 
oeuly,ti(. 1893-1903- 

, I wu ullrd " PsrU t uid 3," tb( iwcor.iT 

" Paft 3." In DtliCT volanwt Ihe wcciiaos 

e ealleri i'atl I, I'ail II, reipeaively fta the 

.till fun I hail ulio a icmparaiy litle- 
I J^an 11 coveted the wlinle 

wkll* I 

I Pa ft only 
ind no atlililional 
Vokma I and 
I'lieo: — Volume 
l'.atl,7t.: I'attll. 
i Volume V, I'm I. 
k, ¥k\ 11. V- W- 1 Volome VI. Pin I. 51. 6rf., 
pan It, 5f. : Vol. Vll. 101. dd. 

A QasAtfied Index to the Scrapeum _ 
R. Proclor. Lotdom. Prinml, tU., Novem^l 

bet, 1897. Csx.] 

An Index to I>ihdin's Edition or the Typtj-I 
graphical ;Vn liquifies fiisi compiled bvJ 
Jof*i)h .Ames, nith some refereiKEs to tfael 
inteimedate edition by William Herbert. 1 
Frinled ftom a copy in the Library of Sion I 
Cotlege. Tendon: Printed, etc., Decera-l 
ber. 1899, \y. 6rf,] 

A List of English Pla>-s, wrilien before (643, 1 
and printed before 1700. By W, W. Greg.1 
London: IVinted, ele., March, 1900, foil 
,899- [5*] 

A List ol Masques, Pageants, elc. Supple-I 
meniary to a List of English Plays. ByP 
\\'alter Wilson Greg. London . Prinfrd, etc. I 
February, 1902 fnr igoi. [5/.J 

Abstracts from the Wdis of English Printe 
and Stationers, from 1492 to 165a. ] 
Henry R. Plomer, Lotuha: PrinUd, efrl] 
February, 1903. [3*.] 








1. The Society shall be called " The Bibliographical Society," 

2. The objects of the Society shall be : — 

(a,) The acquisition of information upon subjects connected with 

(b.) The promotion and encouragement of Bibliographical studies and 

(c) The printing of works connected with Bibliography. 

(d.) The formation of a Bibliographical Library. 

3. The Society shall be governed by a Council, consisting of a President, 
not less than three Vice-Presidents (exclusive of any who, having filled the 
office of President, shall be deemed Vice-Presidents), an Hon. Treasurer, Hon. 
Secretary, and not more than twelve other Members, to be elected annually at 
the Annual General Meeting of the Society. 

4. On a vacancy occurring in the office of President, or other office of 
the Society, or in the Council, the Council shall have the power to fill such 
vacancy until the following Annual Meeting. 

5. Candidates for membership shall be proposed by a Member, seconded by 
another Member, and submitted to the Council for election. 

6. The Annual Subscription shall be One Guinea, payable in advance, and shall 
be due on each January ist. The Society shall consist of not more than 300 
Members from the British Empire and the United States of America, but the Council 
shall have the power to elect (i) not more than 25 British or American Candidate- 
Members from whom vacancies may be filled up as they occur, and who in the 
meantime, on payment of the Entrance Fee and Subscription, shall possess all the 
privileges of Members, except those of voting at the meetings of the Society, and 
holding office ; and (ii) any Foreign Libraries or Bibliographers whose membership 
will be advantageous to the Society. The amount of the Entrance Fee shall be fixed 


from time to time by the Council.* A payment of Twelve Guineas, in addition to 
the Entrance Fee (if payable), shall entitle a Member to become a Life Member. 
Libraries and Public Institutions shall be eligible for membership of the Society 
on payment of the Annual Subscription, but shall not be entitled to compound. 
Such Institutions, as represented by their Principal Librarian, or other authorized 
official, shall possess all the privileges of an Ordinary Member. 

7. Members whose subscriptions are in arrear for more than two years shall 
be removed from the Society's roll, but may be reinstated by the Council at their 
discretion. The Council, however, shall have the power to remove a defaulting 
Member at any period after his subscription has been in arrear six months. 

8. Members shall be entitled to receive all the ordinary issues of the 
Society ; and they shall also be entitled to receive all special issues of the Society 
at such subscription price as may be determined by the Council. The issues of 
the Society shall not be supplied to Members whose subscriptions are in arrear. 

9. The Council shall appoint any persons they think fit to be salaried^ 
officers or clerks for carrying on the necessary concerns of the Society, and shall 
define the duties to be performed by them respectively, and shall allow to them 
respectively such salaries, gratuities and privileges as the Council may deem proper, 
and may suspend or discharge any such officer or clerk from office whenever there 
shall seem to them occasion for so doing. The Council shall also have the power of 
purchasing books for the Library of the Society, and of drawing up Rules under 
which they may be made available for the use of Members. 

10. The Society shall meet, at such time and place as the Council may from 
time to time determine, for the purpose of hearing some paper or papers upon 
matters connected with the objects and purposes of the Society. Such papers 
may afterwards be printed in the Transactions of the Society according to the 
discretion of the Council. 

11. Each Member shall be entitled to introduce one visitor at any of the 
Ordinary Meetings of the Society. 

* The Entrance Fee is at present One Guinea, but new Members are presented with books to about the same value 

frQm the Society's publications. 


12. The Annual General Meeting of the Society, to receive the Report and 
Balance Sheet, to elect Officers, Council, and Auditors, and to consider amendments 
to the Rules, of which due notice shall have been given, shall be held at such time 
and place as the Council may determine. 

13. The Council shall lay before the Annual Meeting an account of the 
receipts and disbursements, assets and liabilities, duly audited and made up to 
within not more than three months of the date of the Meeting. This account, with 
the Report of the Council, shall be circulated with the notice of the Meeting. The 
Rules, as confirmed or amended, together with a list of Members, shall be printed 
and distributed. 

14. Two Auditors shall be appointed annually by the Society at the Aimual 
General Meeting. 

15. The Rules shall not be altered except at the Annual General Meeting of 
the Society, or at an Extraordinary Meeting specially summoned by the Council, or 
upon the signed requisition of ten Members of the Society, for that purpose. Notice 
of any proposed alteration of the Rules shall be made in writing and sent to the 
Secretary not less than one month preceding the meeting at which it is to be 


1. Papers read before the Society are printed in its Transactions either in full or in 
epitome, as the Council decides. In the absence of any arrangement to the contrary, the reading 
of a paper before the Society pledges the Author to permit the Society to print it, and to give the 
Society all necessary help to enable it to do so. 

2. Authors of papers retain the copyright in them, but when the Society desires to print 
a paper in full, the Author should not himself print it, or permit anyone else to do so, within 
two years of the date of its issue to Members. 

3. The Society bears all the costs of printing and illustrating papers, and repays to 
the Authors any expenses incurred in preparing them, but the consent of the CouncU, or 
of the Hon. Secretary acting on its behalf, must first be obtained in the case of papers printed in the 
Transactions to the expenditure by the Author of any sum in excess of Five Guineas, and in the case 
of papers printed as Illustrated Monographs to any expenditure in excess of Ten Guineas. 

4. Twenty copies of any paper printed by the Society are presented to the Author* 

OfficetB &nb Councit 

fptUiUni .... GILfiERT R. REDGRAVE. 





tttt^Utet - ROBERT E. GRAVES, 6, Grange Park, Ealing, W. 

Kon. PecrefOre - Alfred W. pollard, lO, Lauriston Road, Wimbledon, S.W. 

Kon. Ibeerefare for America ERNEST DRESSEL north, 4, East 39th Street, New York. 


f. w. bourdillon. 

a. J. BUTLER. 


W. W. GREG. 



Kon. MtWeian • ARCHIBALD CLARKE, 20, Hanover Square, W. 

(J^tmittB from t^e (§txixBi^ Bmpixt. 

Aberdeen Public Library, Aberdeen (G. M. Fraser, Librarian). 

Aberdeen University Library. (P. J. Anderson, Librarian.) 

Advocates' Library, Edinburgh. (J. T. Clark, Keeper of the Library.) 

Allchin, W. H., M.D., F.R.C.P., 5, Chandos St., W. 
*Almack, Edward, F.S.A., c/o Messrs. Coates, Son & Co., 99, Gresham Street, E.C. 
♦Amherst of Hackney, The Lord, Didlington Hall, Brandon, Norfolk. ( Vice-PresuUftt, ) 

Apperson, G. L., Movilla, Merton Hall Road, Wimbledon. 

Ascherson, C. S., 3, Whitehall Court, S.W. 

Atkinson, Rev. C. Chetwynd, D.D., Ingestre, Ashton-upon- Mersey, Cheshire. 

Axon, William E. A., 3, Albany Road, Southport. 

t Bagwell, Richard, J. P., D.L., Marlfield, Clonmel, Ireland. 
Baldock, Major G. Yarrow, 18, Groombridge Road, South Hackney, N.E. 
Ballinger, John, Central Library, Cardiff. 

Natnes of Officers and Members o/Councii are marked*; of Life Members X; of Candidate Members^. 


Bam KORi)-S LACK, Sir John, lo, Woburn Square, W.C. 

Barlow, J. A., lo, Wimpole Street, W. 

Barrett, F. T., The Mitchell Library, 21, Miller Street, Glasgow. 

Barwick, George F., B.A., Britbh Museum, W.C. 

Baxter, Wynne E., J. P., D.L., 170, Church Street, Stoke Newington, N. 

Behrens, Walter L., 22, Oxford Street, Manchester. 
I Bern AYS, A. E., 3, Priory Road, Kew. 

Birmingham Free Libraries (A. Capel Shaw, Librarian), Birmingham. 

Blades, Alfred F., 23, Abchurch Lane, E.G. 

Blades, G. R., The Firs, Sutton, Surrey. 
JBlaikie, W. B., II, Thistle Street, Edinburgh. 

Bodleian Library, Oxford. (E. W. B. Nicholson, Librarian.) 
JBOUGIIEY, Rev. A. H. F., Trinity College, Cambridge. 
*Bourdillon, F, W., Buddington, Midhurst, Sussex. 

Bowes, Robert, 13, Park Terrace, Cambridge. 

Branford, n. Mills, F.C.A., 3, Broad Street Buildings, E.G. 

Brighton Public Library (H. D. Roberts, Librarian), Church Street, Brighton, Sussex. 

Briscoe, J. Potter, F.R.S.L., 38, Addison Street, Nottingham. 

British Museum. (R. E. Stiles, 39, Great Russell Street, Agent.) 

Bruten, James, 41, Boston Road, Brentford. 

* J Brooke, Sir Thomas, Bart., F.S.A., Armitage Bridge, Huddersfield. 
Brown, Henry J., 4, Trafalgar Square, W.C. 

Brush field, T. N., M.D., The Cliff, Budleigh Salterton, Devon. 
Burgoyne, Frank J., Tate Central Library, Brixton Oval, S.W. 
Burnard, Rol)ert, Huccaby House, Princetown, South Devon. 
Burton, Rev. Edwin, St. Edmund's College, The Old Hall, Ware. 

* Butler, A. J., M.A., Wood End, Wey bridge, Surrey. 

J Butt, A. N., 27, Adelaide Road, South Hampstead, N.W. 

Cambridge University Library. (F. Jenkinson, Librarian.) 

Chi vers, Cedric, 39, Gay Street, Bath. 
JChristie-Millrr, Sydney R., M.A., J.P., Britwell Court, Bumham, Bucks. 

Clarke, Archibald, Ystrad, Queen's Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex. 
J Clarke, Sir Ernest, M.A., F.S.A., 31, Tavistock Square, W.C. 

COATES, Major E. F., M.P., 99, Gresham Street, Bank, E.G. 

Cobham, The Viscount, Hagley Hall, Stourbridge. 

Cock, Frederick W., M.D., i, Porchester Houses, Porchester Square, W. 

Cockerell, Douglas, Elm Tree House, I^tchworth Lane, Letchworth, Herts. 


<»COLLMANN, Herbert, Britwell Old Farm, Burnham, Bucks. 
*tC0PiNGER, W. A., LL.D., F.S.A., F.R.S.A., Moreton House, Manchester {President 1892-96). 

Courtney, W. P., Reform Club, Pall Mall, S.W. 

Cowan, William, 47, Braid Avenue, Edinburgh. 
*Crawford, The Earl of, K.T., Haigh Hall, Wigan (^President 1899-1900). 

Crone, John S., J. P., Kensal Lodge, Kensal Rise, N.W. 
*CusT, Lionel Henry, M.V.O., F.S.A., Oliphant House, The Crescent, Windsor. 

*Davenport, Cyril J. H., V.D., F.S.A., British Museum, W.C. . 

Davies, Hugh Morriston, B.A., 55, Gordon Square, W^C. 

Davis, Cecil T., Free Public Library, Wandsworth, S.W. 

Day, Robert, F.S.A., F.R.S.A., M.R.LA., Myrtle Hill House, Cork. 

Deedes, Rev. Prebendary Cecil, 32, Little London, Chichester. 

Dix, E. R. McClintock, 17, Kildare Street, Dublin. 

Downing, W. Hitchman, Aldine Cottage, Kineton Road, Olton, near Birmingham. 

Duff, E. Gordon, M.A., Park Nook, Prince's Park, Liverpool. (^Hon, Member,) 
J Dunn, George, Wool ley Hall, Maidenhead. 

Edinburgh University Library, 

Edwards, Francis, 83, High Street, Marylebone, W. 

Emmott, George H., 35, Grosvenor Road, Claughton, Birkenhead. 

EsDAiLE, Arundell, British Museum. 

Eton College Library (F. Warre Cornish, M.A., Librarian). 

*Faber, Reginald S., M.A., F.S.A., 90, Regent's Park Road, N.W. {President 1905-1906.) 

Farmer- Atkinson, Henry John, F.S.A., Woodcote Place, Epsom, Surrey. 
JFellows, Reginald B., M.A., Stanborough, Hatfield, Herts. 

Ferguson, Frederic S., Kashima, Smitham Downs, Coulsdon, Surrey. 
^Ferguson, Professor John, LL.D., F.S.A., 13, Newton Place, Glasgow. 

FiNSBURY Public Libraries, Skinner Street, E.G. 

Fisher, R. C, Hill-Top, Midhurst. 

Fletcher, William Y., F.S.A., Addison Lodge, Kew. 

FOLKARD, H. T., F.S*.A., Wigan Corporation Library, Wigan, Lancashire. 
*FoRTESCUE, George K., British Museum, W.C. 

Foster, J. E., 10, Trinity Street, Cambridge. 

Foster, James, York House, Tooting Graveney, S.W. 

Frowde, Henry, Oxford University Press Warehouse, Amen Corner, E.G. 

JGarstin, J. Ribton, LL.B., F.S.A., V.P.R.I.A., Braganstown, Castle Bellingham, Ireland. 
Gaselrb, Stephen, King's College, Cambridge. 


•Gasqukt, Right Rev. Francis A., D.D., 4, Great Ormond Street, W.C. ( Vice-Prendemi). 

Gekiians, H. T., Worcester College, Oxford. 

Gibson, Strickland, M.A., 38, Regent Street, Ozibrd. 

GiNSBURG, Christian D., LL.D., J. P., Oaklhorpe, Palmer's Green, Middlesex. 
'Graves, Robert E., B.A., 6, Grange Park, Ealing, W. {Trtasurer). 

Gray, G. J., 14, Church Street, Chesterton, Cambridge. 
oGreen, Emanuel, F.S.A., Devonshire Oub, St. James', S.W. 
•Greg, Walter Wilson, M.A., Park Lodge, Wimbledon Park, S.W. 

Grevel, Hermann, 33, King Street, Covent Garden, W.C. 

Guildhall Library (E. M. Borrajo, Librarian), London, E.C. 

Haes, Hubert, 28, Bassett Road, North Kensington, W. 

Hankin, Alfred. 

Hart, Horace, M.A., Press House, Clarendon Press, Oxford. 

Hartland, Ernest, F.S.A., Hard wick Court, Chepstow. 
•H award, Laurence W., 57, Green Street, Park Lane, W. 

Hazell, Rev. J. J., The Presbytery, London Road, Enfield. 

Heath, Francis, Tudor Hall, Hawkhurst, Kent. 

Heron-Allen, Edward, F.L.S., F.R.M.S., 3, Northwick Terrace, Maida Hill, N.W. 

Hodge, John Barwick, B. A., Flat 5, 28, Warrington Crescent, Maida Vale, W. 
•Hodgson, J. E., 115, Chancery Lane, W.C. 

HOLDSWORTH, J. J., 29, New Bond Street, W. 

HOLLIDAY, J. R., loi, Harbome Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham. 

Hornby, C. H. St. John, Shelley House, Chelsea Embankment, S.W. 

Hudson, Rev. J. Clare, M.A., Thornton Vicarage, Homcastle. 

Hughes, R. H., M.A., M.B., 3, Windsor Villas, Plymouth. 

Hull Public Libraries (William F. Lawton, Librarian). 

Humphreys, Arthur L., 187, Piccadilly, W. 
'JHuth, Alfred Henry, Fosbury Manor, near Hungerford. (President 1903-4.^ 

Jacobi, Charles T., 20, Took's Court, Chancery Lane, E.C. 
Jaggard, Wm., 139, Canning Street, Liverpool. 

♦Jenkinson, F., M.A., University Librarian ; Southmead, Chaucer Road,Cambriclge. {President 1901-2.) 
Johnson, Charles Plumptre, 14, Cavendish Place, W. 

Johnston, George P., Hon. Sec. of the Edinburgh Bibliographical Society ; 33, George Street, 

Keating, Miss Geraldine, Cannon Mill Cottage, Chesham, Bucks. 
Kenyon, The Lord, Gredington, Whitchurch, Salop. 
©Keel, Frederick, 47, Castelnau Mansions, Barnes, S.W. 


Lane, John, The Bodley Head, Vigo Street, W. 

Law Society (W. M. Sinclair, Librarian), Chancery Lane, W.C 

Lee, Sidney, M.A., io8a, Lexham Gardens, Kensington, W. 

Leeds Public Library (T. W. Hand, Librarian), Leeds. 

*Legg, J. Wickham, M.D., 47, Green Street, Park Lane, W. 

Leighton, W. J., 40, Brewer Street, Golden Square, W.C. 

Letts, Charles, 8, Bartlett*s Buildings, Holbom Circus, E.C. 

Library Association of Great Britain and Ireland, Whitcomb House, Whitcomb Street, 
Pall Mall, S.W. 

Liverpool University Library. 

London Library (Hagberg Wright, Librarian), 12, St. James's Square, S.W. 

LowTHER, Rev. W. B., Crowland, Peterborough. 

Mac Alister, J. Y. W., F.S.A., 20, Hanover Square, W. 
JMacdonald, John M., 95, Harley Street, W. 

Mackie, Rev. George E., Grafton Lodge, Grafton Road, Acton. 

MacLehose, James J., M.A., 7, University Gardens, Glasgow. 

Macmillan, Frederick, St. Martin's Street, Leicester Square, W.C. 

Mad AN, Falconer, M.A., Bodleian Library, Oxford ; 94, Banbury Road, Oxford. 

Mahon, Capt. H. Pakenham, 35, St. George's Road, Eccleston Square, S.W. 

Manchester Free Libraries. (C. W. Sutton, Librarian.) 

Marriott, W. K., Great Baddow, Essex. 

Mathews, C. Elkin, Russetings, Chorley Wood West, Herts. 

Mathieson, Wilfrid, 25, Daleham Gardens, Hampstead, N.W. 
^Matthews, E. R. Norris, Public Library, Bristol. 

Matthews, W. H., Bank House, Eccleshill, near Bradford. 

McClure, Rev. Edmund, 80, Eccleston Square, S.W. 
*McKerrow, Ronald B., M.A., Reform Club, Pall Mall, S.W. 

Mearns, Rev. James, M.A., Rushden Vicarage, Burtingford, Herts. 

Melbourne Public Library (Melville & Mullen, 12, Ludgate Square, E.C., Agents). 

Metivier, John, B.A., 70, Freegrove Road, West HoUoway, N. 

Middleton, Richard, 7, Blackfriars Road, S.E. 

Middleton-Wake, Rev. C. H., M.A., 5, Carlton Road, Tunbridge Wells. 
•Miller, Arthur W. K., M.A., British Museum, W.C. 

Mitchell, William, 14, Forbesfield Road, Aberdeen. 

Moring, Alexander, 32, George Street, Hanover Square, W. 
JMoULE, Horace F., M.A., 171, Shooters Hill Road, Blackheath, S.E. 


MuLLER, William, i6, Grape Street, New Oxford Street, W.C. 

Murray, C. Fairfax, The Grange, in, North End Road, West Kensington, W. 

National Art Library (Ci. If. Palmer, B.A., Librarian), Victoria and Albert Museiim, South 
Kensington, S.W. 

*Nealb, Alexander, 75, G)leman Street, E.C. 

Newcastle Public Library (Basil Anderton, Librarian), Newcastle-upon-Tjrne. 

Noble, J. H. Brunei, M.A., 14, PaU MaU, S.W. 

IOrmerod, William, J. P., Kershaw House, Luddenden Foot, S.O., Yorks. 
OsLRR, William, Professor, M.D., F.R.S., 7, Norham Gardens, Oxford. 

Palmer, G. H., B.A., 20, West Hill Road, Wandsworth, S.W. 

.Palmer, Herbert G., i, Gresham House, Old Broad Street, E.C. 
•Payne, J. F., M.D., Lyonsdown House, New Bamet. 

Peach, Harry H., Stoughton Road, Stoneygate, Leicester. 

Prckover, Alexander, LL.D., F.S.A., Bank House, Wbbech, Cambridgeshire. 

Pennell, Joseph, 14, Buckingham Street, Strand, W.C. 
|Pbrrins, C. W. Dyson, Davenham, Malvern Link. 

Pixley, Francis W., F.S.A., 12, Southwell Gardens, S.W. 

Pix>mer, Henry R., 44, Crown Hill Road, Willesden, N.W. 
J Plymouth, The Earl of, Hewell Grange, Redditch. 
♦Pollard, Alfred W., M.A., 10, Lauriston Road, Wimbledon Common. {Hon, Secretary.) 

PoiTER, George, 10, Priestwood Mansions, Archway Road, Highgate, N. 

Proctor, Mrs., c/o S. C. Cockerell, 29, Friar's Stile Road, Richmond, Surrey. 

QUARITCH, Bernard A., 34, Belsize Grove, N.W. 
Quinton, John, Norfolk and Norwich Library, Norwich. 

•Redgrave, Gilbert R., Thriffwood, Silverdale, Sydenham, S.E. (President,) 

Reid, George, Hotel Burlington, Boscombe, Bournemouth. 

RiNDER, Frank, 21, Woronrow Road, St. John's Wood. 
JRIVINGTON, Charles R., P'.S.A., 74, Elm Park Gardens, S.W. 

Roberts, W., 47, Lansdowne Gardens, Clapham, S.W. 

Robertson, Charles Donald, Treasury, Whitehall, S.W. 
JROBSON, Philip Appleby, Read's Place, Dormans Park, East Grinstead. 

Roskill, Mrs. John, 33A, Montagu Square, W. 

ROTTON, Sir John Francis, K.C., Lockwood, Frith Hill, Godalming, Surrey. 

Royal Institution of Great Britain (H. Young, Librarian), Albemarle Street, W. 

Rye, Reginald A., Aldeburgh House, Westcomb Park Road, Blackheath, S.E. 


JRylands, Mrs., Longford Hall, Stretford, Manchester. 
Rylands, W. Harry, F.S.A., 6i, Lincoln's Inn Fields, W.C. 

JSayle, Charles, 8, Trumpington Street, Cambridge. 

St. Bride Foundation (F. W. T. Lange, Librarian), Bride Lane, Fleet Street, E,C. 

St. Martin's Public Library (A. H. Carter, Sub- Librarian), 115, St. Martin's Lane, W.C. 

Sheringham, Hugh T., lo, Dorset Square, N.W. 

Shum, Frederick, F.S.A., 17, Norfolk Crescent, Bath. 
**SiDGWiCK, Frank, 47, Great Russell Street, W.C. 

Signet Library, Edinburgh. (John Minto, Librarian.) 

Smith, Alfred Eamshaw, 13, Trinity Street, Cambridge. 

Smith, J. Walter, J. P., Sparrows Heme Hall, Watford, Herts. 

Smith, W. J., 43, North Street, Brighton. 

Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House, Piccadilly, W. 

Steele, Robert, 85, Devonport Road, Shepherd's Bush, W. 

Stevens, Henry N., 39, Great Russell Street, W.C. 

Stock, Elliot, 62, Paternoster Row, E.C. 

Strange, E. F., National Art Library, Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington, S.W. 

Sutton, Lady, Benham Park, Newbury. 

Sydney University Library. 

*Tedder, Henry R., F.S. A., Secretary and Librarian, Athenseum Club, Pall Mall, S.W. 
Thomas-Stanford, Charles, Preston Manor, Brighton. 
Thompson, S. E., Public Library, Swansea. 

Thorne, W. B., Bromley Library, 126, Brunswick Road, Poplar, E. 
TOMKINSON, Michael, Franche Hall, Kidderminster. 
Tregaskis, James, 232, High Holbom, W.C. 

Trinity College, Dublin. (Agents: Hodges, Figgis & Co., 104, Grafton Street, Dublin.) 
.Turbayne, a. a., 39, Carlton Mansions, Portsdown Road, Maida Vale, W. 
TuRBUTT, G. M. R., Ogston Hall, Alfreton, Derbyshire. 

Unwin, T. Fisher, i, Adelphi Terrace, W.C. 

VOYNICH, Wilfrid M., 37, St. Peter's Square, Hammersmith, W. 

Ward, James, South Parade, Nottingham. 

Welch, Charles, F.S. A., Lynwood, 438, Seven Sisters Road, N. 
*^Weldrick, J. F., 12, Booterstown Avenue, Booterstown, Dublin. 
*Wheatley, Henry B., F.S. A., 2, Oppidans Road, Chalk Farm, N.W. 

WiLCOCKS, H. S., Cheveley, Mannamead, Plymouth. 


Williams, Thomas W., B.A., Bank Chambers, Com Street, Bristol. 
Williamson, George C, Litt.D., Burgh House, Well Walk, Hampstead, N.W. 
Wilson, William Robert, I.S.O., British Museum, W.C. 
WORMAN, Ernest J., 19, Warkworth Street, Cambridge. 
Wright, W. H. K., Free Public Library, Plymouth. 
Wright, William Aldis, M.A., Trinity College, Cambridge. 

Zaehnsdorf, J., 144, Shaftesbury Avenue, W.C. 


I^tnetric4n (petn6ev0. 

Armour, George A., Princeton, New Jersey. 
Bber, William, Howard Memorial Library, New Orleans, La. 
Benjamin, W. E., 22, West 33rd Street, New York, N.Y. 
BiscOE, W. S., State Library, Albany, N.Y. 
Black WELL, Henry, 26, University Place, New York, N.Y. 

Boston Athenaeum Library (Kegan Paul, Trench & Co., 43, Gerrard Street, W.C., Agents). 
Boston Public Library (G. E. Stechert, 2, Star Yard, Carey Street, W.C., Agent). 
Brewer, Owen W., 263, Wabash Avenue, Chicago, 111. 
Britton, Dr. Charles P., Trenton, New Jersey. 
Caldwell, John, Edgewood, Alleghany Co., Pa. 

Carnegie Library, Pittsburg, Penn. (c/o B. F. Stevens & Brown, 4, Trafalgar Square, S.W., Agents). 
Carpenter, Prof. F. L, 5533, Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago (B. F. Stevens & Brown, Agents). 
Carter, Charles F., 232, South Main Street, Waterbury, Conn. 
Cathcart, W. H., c/o Burrows Bros., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Chew, Beverly, 49, Wall Street, New York, N.Y. 

Chicago Public Library (B. F. Stevens & Brown, 4, Trafalgar Square, Agents). 
Church, E. D., 124, Milton Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Cole, George Watson, Riverside, Conn. 
J Beats, H. E., Flemington, New Jersey. 
De Vinne, Theo. L., 300, West 76th Street, New York, N.Y. 
DODD, Robert H., 372, Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 
Eakins, W. G., Osgoode Hall, Toronto, Canada. 
Eames, Wilberforce, Lenox Library, New York. 
Ellsworth, James W., 18, East 53rd Street, New York, N.Y. 
oFrost, Edwin Collins, 11, Arnold Street, Providence, R.L 
FuRMAN, Miss Dorothy, 58, Clark Street, Glen Ridge, N.J. 
Goldsmith, Abraham, 35, Nassau Street, New York, N.Y. 
Grolier Club, 29, East 32nd Street, New York, N.Y. (G. E. Stechert, Agent.) 
Growoll, a., 298, Broadway, New York, N.Y. 
Gutman, Malvin, 1070, Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y. 
Haber, Louis L, 149, West 78th Street, New York, N.Y. 
tHALSEY, Frederick R., 22, West 53rd Street, New York. 

J Harris, George W. (Librarian of Cornell University), Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. 
Harvard University (Cambridge, Mass.) (Kegan Paul & Co., Agents). 
Hawkins, Rush C, 21, West 20th Street, New York, N.Y. 
Hoe, Robert, 504, Grand Street, New York, N.Y, 


Hop!>ON, W. F., 730, Whitney Avenue, New HaN-en, Conn. 

Indiana University, Bloomtngton, Indiana. 

James, W. J., librarian of Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn. 

John Crerar Library, Chicago (Grevel & Co., 33, King Street, Covent Garden, Agents). 

Johns Hopkins University Library (Nicholas Murray, Librarian), Baltimore, Md. 

Kalbfleisch, C. C, 11-19, William Street, New York, N.Y. 

Kent, H. W., Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, N.Y. 

Lefferts, Marshall C, 31, East 65th Street, New York, N.Y. 

Leland Stanford Junr. University, California (G. E. Stechert, Agent). 

Library Company of Philadelphia (J. G. Barnwell, Librarian), Philadelphia, Pa. 

Library of Congress, Washington (G. E. Stechert, Agent). 

LOEWY, Benno, 206, Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Livingston, Luther S., 372, Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 

Metropolitan Museum of Art Library, New York, N.Y. 

Michigan University Library, Ann Arbor, Michigan (Sotheran & Co., 140, Strand, Agents). 
JMiller, Dewitt, Drawer 1351, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Morgan, Junius S., 44, Pine Street, New York. 

Morris, Frederick W., 114, Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 
<>M0SHER, T. B., Portland, Maine, U.S.A. 

Newark Library, Newark, N.J. (J. C. Dana, Librarian). 

Newberry Library, Chicago, 111. (J. V. Cheney, Librarian). 

New York Public Library (B. F. Stevens & Brown, 4, Trafalgar Square, Agents). 
* North, Ernest Dressel, 4, East 39th Street, New York (^Hon. Secretary for the Society in the U.S.A.'), 
oQrcutt, William Dana, University Press, Cambridge, Mass. 

O'Sullivan, Percy B., 95, Wall Street, New York, N.Y. 

Paltsits, Victor Hugo, Lenox Library, New York, N.Y. 

Perkins, John I., Athens, Penn. 

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y. (Miss Plummer, Librarian). 

Princeton University, Princeton, N.J. (E. C. Richardson, Ph.D., Librarian). 

Pyne, Moses Taylor, 52, Wall Street, New York, N.Y. 

Salem Public Library, Salem, Mass. 

Sturgis, Henry C, 56, East 34th Street, New York, N.Y. 

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (G. E. Stechert, Agent). 

University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. (G. E. Stechert, Agent). 

Updike, D. Berkeley, 232, Summer Street, Boston, Mass. 

Van Antwerp, William C, 80, Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

Vanderbilt, George W., Biltmore, N.C., New York, N.Y. 

Whipple, Mrs. F. B. (Carolyn Shipman), The Barstow, 17, East 27th Street, New York. 

White, W. A., 158, Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Whitney, James L., Public Library, Boston, Mass. 
WiNSHiP, G. P., 357, Benefit Street, Providence, R.I. 
Wood, Arnold, 40, East 35th Street, New York, N.Y. 
Worcester Public Library (Kegan Paul & Co., Agents 
Wrenn, John H., 225, La Salle Street, Chicago, III. 
Yale University, New Haven, Conn. 

jToreijsn (gteinBetB. 

Apponyi, Count Alexander, Lengyel, Tolna M., Hungary. 

Berlin Konigl. Bibliothek (Asher & Co., 13, Bedford Street, Covent Garden, Agents). 

Berlin Konigl. Museen (Asher & Co., Agents). 

BiBLiOTHfeQUE Nationale, Paris (K^an Paul & Co. , Agents). 

BOELE van Hensbroek, p. a. M., 28, Sweelinckstraat, The Hague. 

Bonaparte, S. A. le Prince Roland, 10, Avenue de J^na, Paris. 

Burger, Konrad, Buchhandlerhaus, Leipzig Biblioth^que Technique {Honorary Member), 

Cercle de la Librairie, 117, Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris. 

Claude-Lafontaine, Raymond, 7, Rue de la Tour des Dames, Paris. 

Copenhagen Kong. Bibliotek (Carl Elberling, Librarian). 

Dauze, Pierre, Ed. Repertoire des Ventes, 9, Faubourg Poissonni^re, Paris {Corresponding Member), 

Delisle, Leopold, 21, Rue de Lille, Paris {Honorary Member), 

Dresden Konigl Offentliche Bibliothek (Kegan Paul & Co., Agents). 

Essling, S. a. le Prince d', 8, Rue Jean Goujon, Paris. 

Gottingen K. Universitatsbibliothek (Asher & Co., Agents). 

Haebler, Dr. Konrad, K. Offent. Bibliothek, Dresden {Honorary Member), 

Haupt, Rudolf, II, Alte Promenade, Halle a/S., Germany. 

Jennings, Oscar, M.D., Les Marronniers, Route de la Croix, Le Vesinet, France. 


Luther, Dr. J., Konigl. Bibliothek, Berlin. 

Masson, Jean, 46, Rue Victor Hugo, Amiens, France. 

Munich K. Hof-und Stadtbibliothek (Kegan Paul & Co., Agents). 

NijHOFF, Wouter, 18, Nobelstraat, The Hague. 

POLAiN, M. Louis, 60, Rue Madame, Paris. 

Ricci, Seymour de, 36, Avenue Henri Martin, Paris. 

Rosenthal, Ludwig, 16, Hildegard Strasse, Munich. 

Rosenthal, Jacques, 10, Karlstrasse, Munich. 

SONDHEIM, Moriz, c/o Joseph Baer & Co., 6, Hochstrasse, Frankfurt-on-the-Maine. 

Stein, Henri, 38, Rue Gay-Lussac, Paris. 

Stockholm Kong. Bibliotek (Wesley & Son, 28, Essex Street, Strand, Agents). 

Vienna KK. Hofbibliothek (Asher & Co., Agents). 

Vienna KK. Universitatsbibliothek (Asher & Co., Agents). 

Welter, H., 4, Rue Bernard Palissy, Paris, 

The Ordinary Meetings of the Society are held at 20, Hanover Square, W., on 

the third Monday of each month from October to March (at 5 p.m.), 

except when any other day or hour is specially notified. 

The Annual Subscription of One Guinea is payable in advance^ and should bejarwarded 
to the Hon, Treasurer^ R. E. Graves, 6, Grange Park, Ealing, W. 

All other communications relating to the Society should be addressed to the 

Hon. Secretary, A. W. Pollard, id, Lauriston Road, Wimbledon, S.W., 

or in the case of American Members to the Hon. Secretary 

for America, Ernest Dressel North, 

4, East 39th Street, New York, N.Y. 

Blades, East & Blades, Printers, 33, Abchurch Lane, London, EX. 

£)etitury of the English Book-trade. Short 

[notices of all printers, stationers, book- 
p binders and others connected with it, 1457- 
I '557- ^y ^' Gordon Duff. London: 
I Printed, etc., 1905. [7J. 6(f.] 

_t Short Catalogue of English Books in 
^Archbishop Marsh's Library, Dublin, 
■■printed before 1641. By Newport J, D. 
LWhite, D.D, London: Printed for Ike 
M^iiliographical Society, at the Oxford 
^University Press. September, 1905. [jj]. 

_^ .arge 4(0. Brown wrappers. Mostly printed 

at the Chiswick Press.\ 

1,— Erhard Ratdoll and his work at Venice. 

laper read be'ore the Bibliographical 

I Society, November »oth, 1893, by Gilbert 

~ . Redgrave. London : Printed for tlie 

3ii'tiographical Society, at the Chiswick 

^ Press, ApriJ, 1894. 

A fouT-page Supplenieot, with an addilional illus- 
.ralion, reproducing Efatdolt's Trade-Liat, on a 
separate leaf, was issued in 1S95, 

Reptinled December, 1S99. [icu. 6rf.] 

[I. — *Jan van Doesborgh, Printer at Antwerp. 
An essay in bibliography. By Robert 
Proctor. London: Printed . , . at the Chis- 

, wick Press, December, 1894. [*iC^ 4^0 
Id only in sets. 
—An Iconography of Don Quixote, 1605- 

fScis. By H. S. Ashbee, F.S.A. London : 
Printed far the Author, at the University 
Press, Aberdeeti, and issued by the Biblio- 
graphical Society, July. 1895. [*i6j.] 
Sold only in sets. 



"Corrections, Addiliui 

L 1S9S. 

IV.— The Early Printers of Spain and Por- 
tugal, By Konrad Haebler. London . 
Printid . , . at the Chiswick Press, March, 
1897. for i8g6. [i6j.] 

v.— The ChevaUer Uehb^re. By Olivier de 
la Marche. The illustrations of the edition 
of Schiedam reproduced with a preface by 

r. Lippmann, and a reprint of the text 
London : Printed . . . at the Chiswick Press, 
Febraarj-, 1898, for 1897. [ic 

VI.— The First Paris Press. An 
the books printed for G. Fichet and J. 
Heynlin in the Sorbonne, 1470-1472. By 
A. Claudin. London : Printed . . . at Ike 
Chiswick Press, February, 1898, for 1897. 
li^s. hd.-] 

VII. — Antoine Verard. Byjohn Macfarlane. 
London: Printed . . . at the Chiswick Press, 
September, 1900, for 1899. [i6j.] 

VIII,— The Printing of Greek in the Fifteenth 
Century. By Robert Proctor. Printed . . . 
at the Oxford University Press, December, 
1900. [t6j.] 

IX. — A Book bound for Mary Queen of Scots, 
being a description of the binding of a copy 
of the Geographia of Ptolemy printed at 
Rome, 1490, with notes of other books 
bearing Queen Mary's insignia. By George 
F. Barwick, London: Printed ... at the 
Chiswick Press, June, igor. [lof. 6rf.] 

X. — Early Oxford Bindings, By Strickland 
Gibson. Printed . . . at the Oxford Uni- 
versity Press, January, 1903. [t6j.] 

XI. — The Earliest English Music Printing: 
a description and bibliography of English 
printed music to the close of the sixteenth 
century. By Robert Steele. London : 
Printed , . . at the Chiswick Press, Decem- 
ber, 1903. [i6j.] 

XII,— A Chart of Oxford Printing, ' 1468 '- 
1900, With notes and illustrations. By 
Falconer Madan. Oxford Unroersitv Press, 
February, 1904, [loj, 61/.] 

XIII,— The Earlier Cambridge Stationers 
and Bookbinders, and the first Cambridge 
Printer. By George J. Gray. Oxford 
University Press, October, 1904, [i6j.j 

XIV.— The Early Editions of the Roman de 
la Rose, By F, W. Bourdilton. London: 
Printed , . . at the Chiswick Press, Decem- 
ber. 1906. [i6f,]